Sasha wants to be an International Radio Journalist

Sasha is in 8th grade and she loves movies and radio. “I like American and Nigerian movies the best. I like the African dress and acting in Nigerian movies. I also like how the people on Nigerian movies respect each other.” She smiles wide: “But I also like the action movies from America. And I love the Disney movie the Jungle Book. I like all the animals.”

10 - SashaSasha came to Daylight 7 years ago from a desert village in Baringo. When she started Daylight only had 3 grades. She says Daylight gets better every year: “Now we have more classes and more subjects than when I started.”

Sasha says that she would “like to be a radio announcer on the international news.” She wants “to help describe the world to people who don’t have TVs. So they can know what is happening in the world and in their country.”

Thank you for supporting Sasha, Daylight’s future journalist!


Mildred Loves Doing Impressions of Her Classmates

Mildred loves doing impressions.  Her friends at Daylight say, “All day she walks around doing impressions of us. Walking the way we walk, laughing the way we laugh, doing our voices. She is so funny.” 8-Mildred
Mildred does take her studies seriously. She loves studying languages and in 7th grade she is already fluent in several languages. Her dream is to grow up to be a K’swahili professor at Kenyatta University in Nairobi.

Thank you for making Mildred’s education possible. Her friends appreciate the opportunity to hear all her amazing impressions of them!


Your Drought Response was Love, Support, & Generosity 

Though the drought is still present in Kenya, and throughout East Africa, we want to take a moment to thank you for continuing to help Daylight be a safe-haven for our students.

Thank you to everyone who holds Daylight students like Daniel, Joshua, and staff like Dan Chumba in their thoughts.

Dan, Daniel and Joshua

Thank you to the six U.S. supporters that made sustaining  or increased pledges to Daylight.

Thank you to the five congregations that included Daylight in their services and prayer this month.

Thank you to individual donors that collectively contributed nearly $20,000  in the last month and generously supported Daylight during the difficult time.

With your support we are able to supplement a portion of our food supply to cover lost crops due to the drought. But we don’t yet know the length of the drought or its effects on the next season of crops….We continue to seek pledged support for Daylight for the seasons to come.

Moma Mercy
Daylight’s Cook Mama Elizabeth

Will you help us to fulfill the $1,400 in monthly pledges still needed to bring education and hope to our students? Let us know how you see yourself continuing to help us close this gap.

Give to Daylightmake a pledge, or share your thoughts with us.

Thank you again for bringing your gifts, ideas, and hope to the students of Daylight.


Drought Effecting Daylight and We Need Your Help

You may have already heard about the drought effecting our Kenyan friends. Due to low rainfall many of the Kenyan crops failed. Including most of the crops at Daylight’s own farm which help feed our children.
Daylight Kids in Line 1 Daylight’s youngest class of pre-schoolers in line for their mid-morning corn porridge

In this difficult time we are committed to continuing to educate, feed and shelter our Daylight students – to be a place of stability and hope.

But we need your continued financial support to do this. 

Each month we send $5,100 to our Kenyan friends at Daylight for food to feed our 400 students, for money to pay our generous teachers and staff, and for the living expenses that keep things like the cooking fires going.

With pledges from donors we have about $3,000 in commitments per month, but still need $2,100 monthly from individuals like you. Most months we can make up the gap with special gifts, but not yet this month. This is drought season…

Do you see yourself helping us to fill this gap? Would you like to make a pledge for 2017 to help us meet the daily needs of our students and staff? Most Daylight supporters help by giving $50 per month, but what if you could close our gap this month with a gift of $2,000?

You can give to Daylight, make a pledge, or support in another way.

However you choose to give, we are so grateful. Your gifts are as essential as water in the dry season and food in a drought.

daylight draught

Making Popsicle Stick Beds in Support of Daylight!

We are so excited to have our Daylight Partners joining with us to raise funds for new bedding for Daylight dorms! We have 70 children in our current dorm and are looking to expand in the coming year.bunk 2Our partner organizations, House of Mercy, Solomon’s Porch, Linden Hills UCC, and Edina Morningside UCC, made bunk beds out of popsicle sticks to remind people to give during the next six weeks of Lent.

We got this great report from Linden Hills:17155351_1346682818703878_2659834381021059607_n“Following worship was our Daylight Kenya kick off event. During coffee hour we assembled miniature bunk beds! These beds will offer a daily reminder of the children at Daylight Kenya and also serve as a ‘piggy bank’ to which we will add our coins and dollars during Lent.”17098375_1346682868703873_7782030692049167051_n

“Each week in Lent there will be a story about the students and their experiences in Kenya. At the end of Lent we join together and dedicate our offerings and then send them to the students at Daylight Center and School in Kenya. What a beautifully blessed morning here at Linden Hills UCC!”

Thank you for your support and your partnership as we support our children at Daylight!