Pre-School Graduation Celebration at Daylight

For 2 years our Pre-School students gather each day to play, learn, and sing.  This week was a special one, because the 5 year olds graduated!

So they proudly donned tiny gowns and hats to celebrate this joyous day. With their heads held high they marched through Daylight’s main campus as the rest of the students, teachers, staff, and their families cheered them on!We are so proud of these students, their families, the staff and teachers worked so hard to make this day possible. Some Daylight preschool students walked to school each morning several miles alongside their friends and older siblings. Some took a motorcycle ride. Some had their mom’s or teachers give them rides on a bicycle. Some of their amazing students are the very first person in their family to go to school. Preschool at Daylight is a lot like preschool around the world. Everyday our 3, 4, and 5 year old students gather for a snack with their friends. They learn their ABC’s, work on writing, coloring, and counting to 100.

“Well done, well done, Faith you are the BEST!” This song is sung by our Pre-school students after each of our students bravely answers a question or leads the class. Our students are joining the rest of the Daylight and we can’t wait to see how far they go!

Thank you for investing in these amazing children. Your support makes this possible.

We are so grateful to educate these brilliant and caring preschoolers.


New Computer Lab at Daylight Prepares Our Students for the Future

Our Daylight students are smart, brilliant, caring…and now they are tech saavy.“Digital education is the ultimate equaliser, it doesn’t remove all obstacles but it levels the playing field.”Erik Hersman, Kenyan Tech executive, told the Guardian Newspaper.

The Kenyan government wants to fulfill its promise of transforming Kenya into a middle-income nation by 2030 and achieving the sustainable development goals of providing universal access to the internet and ensuring that youth and adults have skills for employment and entrepreneurship.

Daylight School is doing our part to make sure our students are digitally literate when they graduate 8th grade. Which is why we are so excited to announce that Daylight now has a computer lab! Daylight has hired a part time Computer Lab teacher to help our students learn digital skills.

Our students will be learning typing skills, how to use Microsoft Word and search for information on the internet. Throughout the week classes will take turns learning on the laptops in the computer lab. The rest of week they will be learning in their classes with chalk, pencil, and paper.

Please keep our 6th – 8th grade students in your hearts and prayers as they prepare for the Kenya National Exams. Daylight is currently ranked 2nd place (of over 100 schools) in West Pokot County for our outstanding test scores.

The Computer Lab was built with financial support and a construction team from Autumn Ridge Church in Rochester in partnership with Kenyan parents and local Kenyan contractors. We were able to purchase laptops with a generous gift from friends of our Stillwater Presbyterian Youth Trip.

Thank you to all of you who make sure we can feed, educate, and show love to all our amazing students.


Daylight Students Clean up Trash in the Community

Kenya is making a national push to keep their beautiful country green and free of trash.

Daylight is on a beautiful green 12 acre hilltop campus with 300 students. We work hard to keep it clean and free of trash.Our cooking staff uses reusable cups and plates at meals. Plastic bottles are reused many times to prevent unnecessary waste. Then they are careful to put their trash in the garbage so that everyone can run and play safely. But there are many parts of the Daylight neighborhood, especially along the side of the road, where trash just gets tossed into the bushes.

So Daylight students and staff decided to clean up their community!

Daylight students are leaders and part of being a leader is serving your neighbors, so our students made signs for Daylight and dressed up in “recycling costumes” made of corn and rice bags from school.

Then our students and staff walked the neighborhood and cleaned up trash.Thank you for supporting our young leaders as they serve their beautiful, and a little greener, community!

We are also so grateful to our partner church Lake Sarah Baptist Church who had an Africa Themed Vacation Bible School this summer. The kids learned about the amazing cultures of Africa and raised funds to support the students at Daylight School!


Our Children Love Sponsoring a Classroom at Daylight

Written by Rachel James on her experience sponsoring a classroom at Daylight. 

Our family started sponsoring a fourth grade classroom at Daylight School.

The James daughters holding a letter from Daylight Student Sunday.

We picked fourth grade because our kids were in 3rd and 5th grade at the time.We have received multiple letters from the students in the classroom sharing their lives, goals, and academic favorites.My family loves reading the letters and seeing the pictures. Our children have written back to the classrooms as well.

Daylight student Cynthia reading the letter from the James Family.

It’s so amazing to be able to support teachers and learners in Kenya through the excellent organization of Daylight!

We invite you to sponsor a classroom at Daylight. A gift of $30 a month will cover the costs of a student’s classroom experience and education.

When giving monthly, you’ll be partnered with a specific class of your choice (grade 4, 5, 6, or 7) and stick with them until they graduate 8th grade. Along with your financial gift, you are invited to write letters to the class. In return, you’ll receive updates and letters from students three times a year.

Contact Daylight’s Director of Administrations Jill Schons to sign up or fill out this sign up sheet below.


Daylight Students Celebrate Traditional Art, Music, and Dancing

Celebrating Kenya’s rich indigenous cultures is a huge value at Daylight School. We want our students and staff to be connected to their tribal roots. Daylight holds traditional cultural celebrations where our students and staff experience the beauty, joy, and rich traditions of nomadic life in northwestern Kenya.

We invite local tribal elders to come to the Daylight campus to share traditional music, dances, and art from the tribes of northwestern Kenya. Our students learn about their history and celebrate the deep traditions. We believe this is so important because during the British colonial rule of Kenya (prior to Kenyan Independence in 1963) many schools did not allow students to celebrate their traditional culture. Daylight chooses to lift up traditional culture. When Daylight hosts visitors we are proud to show them what is beautiful and unique about northwestern Kenya’s nomadic culture, music, and art.

Our students work with their classes to prepare dances, songs, and decorations for these event. They are a celebration and a talent show for our students to show their musical and artistic skills.
Griffin, in 8th grade, loves these celebrations! He is an outstanding dancer and looks great in blue paint!
Thank you for supporting our students and staff. Together we are raising a generation of young leaders who celebrate their community and are studying hard so they can be valuable members of Kenya’s future.