Kitchen Complete and New Stoves Installed

The Daylight Kitchen Staff led by Mama Mercy and Angelina Kimpur work hard to provide nutritious meals for 300 students and 40 staff each week. 

We serve a variety of foods including chai tea with fresh milk from our Daylight cows, porridge, beans and rice for lunch, chapati (Kenya flatbread), bananas, bread, spinach grown in our garden, and locally sourced meats.

Our kitchen serves nearly 5,000 nutritious meals a week!

We are so excited that our new kitchen is finally completed! 

We have locally sourced bricks, a fresh tin roof, new red floors, and  3 beautiful locally handmade stoves. On behalf of the cooks, students, and staff at Daylight we are so grateful!

These three stoves, one 130 liter, 100 liter, and a stovetop are more energy efficient. Trees are valuable and each meal is prepared with locally sourced firewood which is hand cut.  Our new stoves will require less wood and be better for the environment. 

The stoves are also are vented through the roof so smoke will not affect the cooking staff.

Thank you for helping the cooks, staff, teachers and students have what they need to be successful during this unexpected and difficult time of COVID-19. 

We want to especially thank the Kenya builders, stove makers, and staff who helped make this new kitchen possible. We also want to thank the donors who helped provide funding including The Knuteson Family, The Roberts Family, The Holmes Family, Kevin Schmidt, The Pastor Family, Rebecca Fitch, Brett Egan, The Baynard Family, The Edina Morningside Women’s Fellowship and The Fredrickson Family. 


Daylight School in the time of COVID-19

The safety and well being of our students and staff Daylight School continue to be our highest priority. Those on campus continue to practice social distancing, just like all of their supporters in America. School is not in session and students that live off-campus continue to shelter at home with their families.

Those students who board at Daylight and the few staff that remain on campus are doing their best to stay well by keeping a safe distance when possible and always making sure to wash their hands.

Students washing hands with safe social distancing

They are currently using the sewing room to make masks for kids and neighbors. They are so thankful to have fabric and sewing machines to make these much needed masks for the community.

Sewing masks for students and community members
Students and staff wearing their new masks to stay safe

They have also been using this time to sew new track suits for the students! They are all very excited to be able to use them when it is safe to be together again.  The national track meets were cancelled this year but the students on campus still enjoy training in their new suits.

New Daylight School Track Suits
Grace, Sunday, Pembe, Reuben and friends on the Daylight Track Team

Daylight continues to follow the recommendations of the Kenya government to stay safe during this coronavirus outbreak. They are keeping all of their American friends in their prayers.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Daylight School as we meet the needs of our students during this difficult time.


Meet Daylight’s Leadership Team

Daylight Center and School has an exciting and capable Leadership Team for the 2020 school year. Our Leadership team works hard to ensure the teachers and students have what they need to be successful during this unexpected and difficult time of COVID-19.

But even as most student’s academics have stopped, our Daylight Leadership team is hard at work meeting the daily needs of the 100 dormitory resident students, as well as the 8th grade students that continue to hold study sessions for the national exam in the fall.

Our entire staff is very important to us and the future of Daylight school. So we have made the commitment to continue paying our staff while school is not in session. Kenya has a shelter in place order and our staff will be on call to help as needed.
Our budget will remain the same. And any extra funds will go towards helping provide support for people affected by COVID-19 in Daylight’s community.

Our Daylight Kenyan 2020 Leadership Team

School Manager Reuben Losharipo with Nathan Roberts Daylight US Director

Reuben Losharipo (right) is our school manager. He ensures that the school has the materials we need to meet the physical needs of the children and staff. He purchases food, fire wood, and school supplies. He is also in charge of staff payroll. Reuben has been with Daylight since the beginning 12 years ago and we are so grateful for his leadership.

School Manager Reuben Losharipo (left) and Headmaster Paul (right)

Paul Okiya (right) is our school headmaster, like a principal. He oversees the student’s academic outcomes and works with our teachers to prepare quality lessons. We are so grateful for his pursuit of academic excellence.

Mercy Chemutai Kogo is Daylight’s School Secretary

Mercy Chemutai Kogo is Daylight’s School Secretary. She is in charge of keeping records of students, reporting to the Kenyan Ministry of Education, and relating to Daylight student’s family members. She is also the technology teacher and helps our students learn computer skills.

Angelina Kimpur School Matron and Daylight Co-Founder.

Angelina Kimpur is the school matron and the kids call her “Mama Daylight.” She ensures that the students are healthy and well fed. She accompanies sick children to the doctor. She oversees the school kitchen which prepares over 1000 meals per day. And is in charge of the Daylight farm which grows 1/3 of the food eaten at Daylight. She is also the day to day project manager of Daylight building projects.

Daylight Founder Michael Kimpur

Daylight Kenya Director Michael Kimpur oversees the large scale projects and visioning for Daylight. But he entrusts the majority of the day to day operations to the rest of the leadership team. This is because Michael also serves the Kenyan Government as the Director of Disaster Relief for the local West Pokot County Government. He works closely with the Governor of the region to help provide emergency relief caused by hunger, poverty, or natural disasters. Michael’s work is vital to the health and safety of the wider community in which Daylight School is located.

Reuben, Mercy, Paul, and Angelina working on creating monthly report for US Board

Each month the Daylight Leadership team works together to prepare a monthly report for the Daylight US Board. This report includes receipts for staff payroll, food, utilities, food, and school supplies. The US Board then reviews the report and sends the funds you generously donate.

Daylight students are so grateful to the leadership team and all our supporters!

Thank you so much for empowering our Daylight Leadership Team with your support, love, and gifts. It is your continued support that allows Daylight to educate students and empower leaders to transform their community.


Daylight’s Farm Matches Your Donation

My name is Merv Miller, I’m currently Chairman of the Daylight USA Board of Directors. My wife and I have been sustaining supporters of Daylight for over 6 years and in January I had the privilege of visiting Daylight for the very first time.

I must say that Daylight exceeded my expectations. I’ve always known that Daylight is partially self-supporting but it was truly inspiring for me to observe it in person.

Board Chair Merv Miller with Daylight students

When we first arrived, classes were in session so the campus was quiet, But I noticed a herdsman, Komole, leading cattle out of their pen to graze alongside the gravel road just outside the campus. The cows are milked twice a day and the milk is mixed with ground corn to create a porridge that is served daily to the students during a mid-morning break.

Daylight cattle grazing along the roadside

Next, I ran into John, the gardener, he was weeding one of the gardens. A vegetable is grown in two, half-acre gardens. The gardens are planted at different intervals to assure continues crops throughout the school year. The corn is grown on campus as well. Some corn is ground for porridge and the rest is dried and mixed with beans to create a soup that is often served at lunch.

John and others tending to Daylight’s garden
Corn drying in the sun

The cook, Elizabeth and her volunteers work non-stop to create meals for the students on campus. We have Herdsmen, Gardeners, and Cooks that work on campus seven days a week with one hundred students living on the campus in dormitories. They boarding students are just as hungry on Sunday as they are on Monday. And, the cows don’t take a day off from production!

Elizabeth making lunch for students and staff
Bags of corn in storage

I met a parent of four students named Rosemary while I was at Daylight who described the self-sustaining efforts this way; “When you send one dollar to Daylight it magically becomes two.” So remember, every time you give your gift is matched by the hard working staff and volunteers in Kenya!

Daylight parent Rosemary with her four children

If you would like more information on supporting Daylight School or sponsoring a classroom click here. We understand that financial circumstances are challenging for many people right now, and we are especially thankful for your generosity to Daylight School, it’s students and staff.


Daylight’s Student Safety & Well Being Response to Coronavirus

The safety and well being of Daylight students and staff during Coronavirus is the highest priority for us. There have been at least 15 confirmed case of Coronavirus in Kenya and we are working with the Kenyan Government to ensure all our staff and students are given accurate information.

The leadership team of Daylight Center and School are leading the response efforts. They are ensuring students and staff stay safe and healthy. School Manager Reuben is coordinating deliveries and using his motorbike to get needed supplies.

School Manager Reuben Losharipo with his daughter

In accordance with recommendations from the Kenya Government, educational classes are postponed. The Daylight campus will be closed to the students who walk or ride to school on a daily basis. Students with families nearby will stay with their families. We will continue to find ways to support our students and their families who are practicing social distancing.

Daylight Headmaster Paul updating students and staff on the safety and well being plan.

Many hand washing stations have been set up throughout the Daylight campus to keep kids hands as clean as possible.

For the students who must remain at Daylight’s dormitory due to their family situations, we are working hard to limit exposure. We are also attempting to continue to support (and have fun!) by continuing many of the beloved non-classroom activities.

The Daylight Track Team was sad that their national track meets were cancelled. But they are continuing to train in their new track suits!

Grace, Sunday, Pembe, Reuben and friends on the Daylight Track Team.

Many of the students favorite parts of their day continue at Daylight. We are continuing to serve a healthy meals to students living on campus.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are being provided to students and staff at Daylight.

Angelina Kimpur is ensuring the students are being well fed. Using the eggs, milk, corn, and beans. Many of which are grown in Daylight’s farm.

Daylight Matron Angelina Kimpur holding an egg from Daylight’s farm.

The days are still filled with field games organized by staff and students!

Field games at Daylight.

The playground is in full swing!

Swing set at Daylight.

Students are continuing to have fun in their classrooms with teachers who have remained on campus.

Students are continuing to learn in the Daylight computer lab.

Daylight computer lab.

The construction team of Fundis (the swahili word for worker) are using the time to work on the empty classrooms. The workers are being careful to have a lot of distance from Daylight students and staff.

They are putting the finishing touches on the new Pre-School classrooms.

The Daylight students and staff said they are keeping their American friends in their thoughts and prayers. They hope you all stay staff and healthy.

Thank you for your continued support of Daylight as they meet the needs of our students in this difficult time. We will keep you updated on Daylight’s continuing response to the coronavirus.