Pledge your support for Grace and Daylight students in 2018

Pledge your support for Grace and Daylight students in 2018

Unlike many American kids, Grace never expected to go to school.

Grace grew up expecting to live her life in the desert village of Alale, but when her parents died, she was sent to live with her uncle who was arranging a marriage for her at a young age.


Call it divine intervention, or just a twist of fate, but Grace’s marriage plans were interrupted. Grace got a serious ear infection and was brought to recover at Daylight, where she fell in love with education. Between doctor visits Grace sat in 1st grade even though she was much older than most of the students in the class. This did not deter her.

Your gifts to Daylight made it possible for us to meet Grace’s needs; care, shelter, food and a quality education.

Grace is now in 4th grade, and her friends at Daylight cheer her on. Grace is excited to make a better life for her family still living in the desert.

I want to help the people in my village. I want to build a small clinic to see people and help them for free. I will also be a farmer so I can pay my bills.

Will you support Grace and her 400 classmates as they grow to be bright leaders in Kenya?

Give today or pledge your support for 2018 – whichever you choose, we are so grateful.

Make a Pledge

You can make a pledge  by filling out this form online or printing it an mailing it to Daylight Center and School. Pledges help Daylight plan for the upcoming year.


An Unexpected Thank You Gift After Our Free Clinic in the Village

Deb Schultz recently returned from Daylight Alale Campus school where a team ran a free clinic to see students and families.  This is a story from her trip.

I had a wonderful young man help as my interpreter in the village of Alale, assisting me and the medical team during the days of clinic work. He enjoyed asking all sorts of questions about America.
I marvel at how he and our other helpers so easily switch between English, Swahili, and Pokot. His dream is to continue his education and someday work as a teacher.

As we were leaving to return to Daylight’s main campus at Kapenguria he brought me a gift of a live chicken in thanks for our visit, and for the small stipend we paid our helpers.

I was very surprised, amazed, and so grateful.

Unfortunately, we were about to start the long journey back to Daylight School and so I asked if he would bless me even more with his gift by giving it to a family in the village in need of food.

He agreed and it was Sunday so my chicken was brought to the church as my offering that day. The pastor assured me he would give it to someone he knew could use it. What a great memory and what a marvelous gift from my new friend, Joseph.

Deb Schultz
First Presbyterian of Stillwater Medical Team


Daylight is Accepting Applications for U.S. Board Members!

The U.S. Board of Daylight School and Center in Kenya is seeking new board members!

All skills and backgrounds are encouraged to apply! We are especially looking for board members with a background in accounting, lawyers with a background in non-profit law, teaching/education background, fundraising and grant writing experience, and people from Kenya and/or Africa.


We always appreciate when board members have been to Daylight Kenya or had a significant experience with Kenyan or other African cultures.IMG_3081We are accepting applications immediately and will be reviewing them on a continual basis through the month of November. A limited number of vacancies are available. Applicants will be notified of the status of their application by November 30, 2017.

Newly selected Board Members will begin serving as early as January, 2018. Board Members commit to the following:

Strategic Planning
1. Support Daylight Kenya though resourcing strategic and sustainable plans that ensure our supporters’ resources are being invested effectively.
2. Continue to grow in your understanding of Kenyan culture, international development, and non-profit best practices.

Board Participation
1. A two-year commitment to actively participate in 75% of monthly two-hour board meetings, which are held on the first Monday of each month, and a yearly one-day board retreat.

2. Board members should expect a time commitment of 4-6 hours each month.

1. Inviting people in your network to learn more about how they can support Daylight.
2. Helping secure adequate financial resources for Daylight to fulfill our mission.

Click here to apply online

Thank you for your willingness to serve the children, staff, and supporters in this important role!


Local Kenyans Donated Equivalent of $250,000 to Daylight in 2017!

Local Kenyans donated the equivalent of $250,000 worth of volunteer hours, food and livestock grown in the Daylight farm, monetary, and in-kind donations to Daylight School in Kenya in 2017!
Daylight has always been a partnership between the local people of rural Kenya and American supporters. Kenyans donate their labor in harvesting the school’s corn or helping construct classrooms. They donate bricks for building projects and offer corn, rice, and beans for the students to eat.teachersDaylight Teachers are often young people who have just graduated college. And, like in Teach for America in the U.S., our young teachers volunteer to help Daylight at only a fraction of a usual teacher’s pay. Daylight’s 25 teachers donated $20,000 in volunteer hours per month!

DSC04567Our four school cooks have children who attend Daylight! After serving and cleaning up 300 bowls, they donate several hours each week to the school. These hours are valued at $400 per month! In addition, the local builders and neighbors who construct our classrooms donate around $1200 in labor each month.IMG-20170824-WA0000The local businesses give Daylight reduced rates because they believe in the work we are doing. The construction delivery truck company reduces their typical fees by $250 each month.

Relatives of Daylight students, local businesses, and neighbors donate what they can to help Daylight grow. This year they donated bricks and sand to build the K – 3rd grade classroom. Each month they donated around $2,000 in corn, beans, rice, bricks, and donations.20151024_113233

Daylight is also a working farm! With an eye towards sustainability, Daylight produces three tons of corn each year and has five cows.  Daylight harvests $12,000 in corn and beans and $50 per month in milk. The corn is in the background and the kids are drinking the milk!

Local politicians, business leaders, and individuals make generous monetary donations to Daylight throughout the year! Daylight is a partnership.


3 Ways to Help Your Congregation Connect with Daylight

Edina Morningside Community Church (UCC) is a small church with around 200 members. We have a very committed congregation to our outreach programs. One of our favorites is the support of Daylight Center and School and the children.


Here are a few ways we have found helpful to get our congregation more connected to Daylight.

#1 Invite a Daylight Representative to Speak to Your Church

We have been supporting Daylight ever since Michael Kimpur and Nathan Roberts visited our congregation to introduce us to Daylight in January of 2011. Since that time we have participated in many projects to provide needed items for Daylight.13139039_1317290704967679_5707347350806444638_n

Since then we have sponsored collections for blankets, textbooks, bedding packages for one of the new dormitories, goats (which became 1 cow and 3 goats at Michel’s request) and sponsorship of a Daylight child.

#2 Plan a Fundraiser for Daylight

Edina Morningside has individual supporters that give to Daylight monthly towards our general fund, helping to provide food for the students and teacher salaries that are so important to making it all possible. In addition to this the congregation undertakes special projects to meet specific needs at Daylight. The church likes to see how we are doing to reach our goals so I make a tally poster for each project which is posted in the narthex, report how we are doing during announcements and in the monthly newsletter. Here are some examples.

Blankets for one of the dormitories:

Daylight Blanket Post 2_edited

As we collected funds for each blanket a square was filled in with a picture of a square of the blanket material until the entire poster was filled. I find that it is always important to let the congregation know the final tally and thank them for their participation.

Textbooks for the Daylight School:


Rachel Arneson was kind enough to provide us with copies of the textbook covers so we would know what they looked like. Each books cost $6.00 and, as the funds came in, I filled in a square to represent a book sold.

This is an example of a “thank you” to the congregation that appeared in the monthly newsletter.


Through your generosity we collected enough money to purchase 120 books! That is wonderful! Please check out the pictures of the covers of some of the textbooks that the Daylight School children use. They are posted around the “tally board” in the narthex. Again, thank you! Asante!

Bedding Packages for the new dormitory:
Each bedding package consisting of a blanket, sheet, pillow and mattress, cost $40.00. As the funds came in I posted a “bedding package” on the poster.

You’ve Done It Again! Thank You! Through your generosity, 38 Daylight students will be cozy and comfortable in their new bunk beds in the new dormitory. Our Congregation donated funds to purchase 38 bedding packages! Thank you so much! Please continue to keep the people of Kenya, the staff and children at Daylight and the dedicated people who support Daylight in your prayers.


Pam DeLaittre

#3 Monthly Daylight Articles in the Newsletter and on Social Media:

Besides these funding projects, I capture information and photos from the “One Minute Updates” and prepare an article about Daylight for our monthly newsletter – The Messenger. This keeps information about Daylight in front of the congregation and requests that we continue to pray for Daylight. The Daylight article is posted on the bulletin board in the Narthex each month.

You can also share the One Minute Updates from Daylight’s Facebook Page on your church social media.

I hope some of this information will be helpful in encouraging your congregation to support Daylight. I’d love to hear what you are doing for Daylight.

If you are interested in becoming a congregational liaison between Daylight and your community please email

Edina Morningside UCC Congregational Liaison
Pam DeLaittre