Daylight Students Clean up Trash in the Community

Kenya is making a national push to keep their beautiful country green and free of trash.

Daylight is on a beautiful green 12 acre hilltop campus with 300 students. We work hard to keep it clean and free of trash.Our cooking staff uses reusable cups and plates at meals. Plastic bottles are reused many times to prevent unnecessary waste. Then they are careful to put their trash in the garbage so that everyone can run and play safely. But there are many parts of the Daylight neighborhood, especially along the side of the road, where trash just gets tossed into the bushes.

So Daylight students and staff decided to clean up their community!

Daylight students are leaders and part of being a leader is serving your neighbors, so our students made signs for Daylight and dressed up in “recycling costumes” made of corn and rice bags from school.

Then our students and staff walked the neighborhood and cleaned up trash.Thank you for supporting our young leaders as they serve their beautiful, and a little greener, community!

We are also so grateful to our partner church Lake Sarah Baptist Church who had an Africa Themed Vacation Bible School this summer. The kids learned about the amazing cultures of Africa and raised funds to support the students at Daylight School!


Our Children Love Sponsoring a Classroom at Daylight

Written by Rachel James on her experience sponsoring a classroom at Daylight. 

Our family started sponsoring a fourth grade classroom at Daylight School.

The James daughters holding a letter from Daylight Student Sunday.

We picked fourth grade because our kids were in 3rd and 5th grade at the time.We have received multiple letters from the students in the classroom sharing their lives, goals, and academic favorites.My family loves reading the letters and seeing the pictures. Our children have written back to the classrooms as well.

Daylight student Cynthia reading the letter from the James Family.

It’s so amazing to be able to support teachers and learners in Kenya through the excellent organization of Daylight!

We invite you to sponsor a classroom at Daylight. A gift of $30 a month will cover the costs of a student’s classroom experience and education.

When giving monthly, you’ll be partnered with a specific class of your choice (grade 4, 5, 6, or 7) and stick with them until they graduate 8th grade. Along with your financial gift, you are invited to write letters to the class. In return, you’ll receive updates and letters from students three times a year.

Contact Daylight’s Director of Administrations Jill Schons to sign up or fill out this sign up sheet below.


Daylight Students Celebrate Traditional Art, Music, and Dancing

Celebrating Kenya’s rich indigenous cultures is a huge value at Daylight School. We want our students and staff to be connected to their tribal roots. Daylight holds traditional cultural celebrations where our students and staff experience the beauty, joy, and rich traditions of nomadic life in northwestern Kenya.

We invite local tribal elders to come to the Daylight campus to share traditional music, dances, and art from the tribes of northwestern Kenya. Our students learn about their history and celebrate the deep traditions. We believe this is so important because during the British colonial rule of Kenya (prior to Kenyan Independence in 1963) many schools did not allow students to celebrate their traditional culture. Daylight chooses to lift up traditional culture. When Daylight hosts visitors we are proud to show them what is beautiful and unique about northwestern Kenya’s nomadic culture, music, and art.

Our students work with their classes to prepare dances, songs, and decorations for these event. They are a celebration and a talent show for our students to show their musical and artistic skills.
Griffin, in 8th grade, loves these celebrations! He is an outstanding dancer and looks great in blue paint!
Thank you for supporting our students and staff. Together we are raising a generation of young leaders who celebrate their community and are studying hard so they can be valuable members of Kenya’s future.


Two Daylight Students Gave Speeches on a Kenya Radio Station: Listen Here!

Recently two Daylight students were featured on a Kenya Radio Station! Maurine and Griffin were asked to “Utter out a speech” about a topic they are passionate about.

Maurine, 7th grade at Daylight, announced that she is running for President of Kenya in 2022! Her platform is putting food on families tables, making education affordable for all Kenyan children, creating jobs, and ending corruption. Her platform is thoughtful, detailed, and will inspire you.

Griffin, 8th grade at Daylight, gave a speech about how West Pokot County (where Daylight School is located) is often given a bad name in the Kenyan media and people associate the Pokot Tribe with crime and poverty.  So Griffin wanted to feature the good parts of his community.

My name is Maurine. I am in grade 7. I am going to utter out a speech.
Honorable country men and women, ladies and gentlemen, I am the President of the Republic of Kenya. This is 2022. This is how I want Kenya to run.

One, there shall be no corruption.

Two, education shall be affordable to all children of Kenya.

Three, to beat Al-Shabab we shall attack both foreign and local invaders. How? By making business easy to do in Kenya.

Four, foreign investors in my government shall have minimal taxes. Couple that with the government subsidies to enter into Kenya and do business so that we can create jobs.

Five, we shall reduce public burden in new government. My government will be cost efficient. And this is how I’m going to do it. Kenya is about 582,646 square kilometers. There shall be two senators in every county like in US. There are two senators in every state. By the courtesy of the director of Daylight Model School.

I’ll make sure I will place food on the table of every Kenya. Big projects like FGI cannot come first because they are a misnomer. No public representative shall drive our public vehicle more than 1.5 cc like in United States and United Kingdom.

I’ll remain your president and take care of all Kenyans.

My name is Griffin L. I am in grade 8 and I’m going to utter out a speech.

It began with gunshots, shedding of blood, above all cattle rustling. A county that is forgotten in the map of Kenya. A county that is known as thieves resting place. A county of no hope. Green Gates well known as the Karen Gates.

It is now a place to be! A vast shopping center. A place to acquire knowledge. Not forgetting our very own Makutano town. Our health is our wealth. Talking of Kapenguria Hospital, Pokots have all reason to smile! Expectant mothers, children, and the old each have a place to find medical care. Kapenguria Hospital is our treasure.

Professor John Krop, You are a great leader who ensures West Pokot County is at a better position compared to other counties. No more cattle rustling, no more fights at the border, and no more tribalism in West Pokot County. This is because of good leadership in the county. Rise one, rise all! Let’s appreciate our culture. The land of hidden treasure.

Thank you! I am Griffin L. from Daylight Model School. Welcome.

Thank you to all the Daylight staff and teachers, friends, and supporters around the world who make Daylight School possible. Together we are educating and inspiring a new generation of Kenyan leaders!


Peter Called for Peace & Education in Response to the Shooting of his Brother

On June 5th, Daylight’s staff and dear friend Peter Losenguria’s younger brother Limaye Loitapira was herding his cows when he was shot in the back, neck, and mouth by bandits.

Limaye was rushed to the hospital, an eight hour drive from his home. He underwent two surgeries, and after a month of recovery we are so grateful to say Limaye is back at home with his family.Peter, Limaye, Mama Losenguria, and their new baby.
Limaye having tea with the Losenguria family.

In response to the attack on Limaye, a peace meeting was called in the community.  Peter attended on behalf of his family and used the attack on his brother to speak about the need for ending gun violence, and Daylight’s work of educating young people with job skills so they don’t get caught in a life of crime and stealing.

Peter was joined at the peace meeting by women in the surrounding villages who echoed Peter’s call for peace and an end to gun violence in their community.  We are so grateful for Peter and these women’s work in their community.Peter knows the challenges facing young people in his community. Peter came from a poor village family who was not able to pay for his high school education. So Peter spent his youth trying to feed himself by stealing cows with a semi automatic rifle in his hands.

But after seeing the pain his crimes caused families in his community, he put down his gun and has dedicated his life to calling for an end to violence and promoting education.

Peter meeting with community members

During the peace meeting women prayed for peace and prepared a meal so that people could eat together and be reminded of their common humanity.

The Losenguria family is so grateful that Limaye is recovering at home. They wanted to pass along his deep gratitude for the love, prayers, and support they received from Daylight friends around the world.

Limaye’s medical bills were around $2000 US for both surgeries and will be paid for by the Daylight Emergency Medical Fund. This fund helps cover medical costs for Daylight students, staff, and community members. Your gifts support this fund and everything we do at Daylight Center and School. Thank you. Your gifts save lives in Kenya.