Friday’s at Daylight – Assembly, Class, Clean up & Fun!

Fridays at Daylight are a sight to behold. 302 students, 25 teachers and staff, all preparing to complete another week of school. Fridays begin with a school wide assembly. The Kenyan flag is raised and School Headmaster Eliud gives a special message of encouragement to the students. Then Students and teachers take turns coming forward to give updates on what they have learned in class, sing a song. and offer their own encouraging message.

Then the students are off to their classes! English, KiSwahili, Math, Science, Reading, and Religious Education filled with brilliant young minds.
Daylight believes in helping foster student’s leadership potential in and out of the classroom. Our students love to come to the board and help lead the class. These amazing 3rd grade students are already able to read and speak in several languages – their tribal mother-tongue (Pokot, Luo, or Turkana), KiSwahili, and English!

Then its time for lunch where the older students take turns helping serve the younger students.

When classes are done the rooms are cleaned for the weekend. With open windows, 302 kids, and the breeze across on Daylight’s hill-top campus, the classes can get pretty dusty. So every Friday the whole school undergoes a deep clean.

All the desks are pulled out.Buckets are filled.Floors are swept.And each class is mopped by hand.

When the cleaning is done the students are dismissed for the weekend. The children who stay with their families in town, pack up their backpacks and get picked up (see the motorbike in the background!) or walk home in groups. Those who stay in Daylight Dormitories, maybe due to the death of a parent or their family living too far away, gather for a game of soccer, making art, or head to the swings for a fun weekend with their friends.


Our Students Love Reading The Letters You Send to Daylight!

This update comes to us from Cindy Wagner, a Daylight classroom sponsor, who went to Daylight Kenya in the summer of 2018.

This month Daylight students had a wonderful time reading letters from their classroom sponsors!

As financial supporters of Daylight Center and School, we know that our resources are making a huge difference in the lives of the children. Our support helps to provide teacher salaries, books and supplies, food, and school uniforms—all of which provide the infrastructure that allows the students to learn.

Another way to provide influence is by writing letters to the classes at Daylight School.When you write letters to the students in a class at Daylight, you are presenting yourself as a caring person. As the students get to know you through your letters, they will see that someone on the other side of the world cares about them by identifying them as people important enough to be brought into meaningful dialogue.

When you share your encouraging words and your own examples of perseverance through struggles, students will see positive responses to adversity and realize that they, too, possess strengths that can help them thrive and succeed. 

When you write letters to the students at Daylight, you will be providing a window into life in a distant land. Life that is outwardly different from theirs in many ways, yet life filled with the same feelings they have–mutual feelings of despair and hope, struggle and triumph, hurt and joy. 

When you write letters to the students at Daylight, you will be inviting students into respectful dialogue with you, calling up their human dignity.

And you may see that by giving in this way, you receive blessings tenfold. Please consider writing letters to the students in the classes at Daylight Center and School.

Cindy Wagner
Daylight classroom sponsor

How to Sponsor a Classroom

Daylight has new way to partner with us by supporting a specific classroom through monthly giving. A gift of $30 a month will cover the costs of a student’s classroom experience and education. Please email or visit our Sponsor a Classroom page.

When giving monthly, you’ll be partnered with a specific class of your choice (grade 4, 5, 6, or 7) and stick with them until they graduate 8th grade. Along with your financial gift, you are invited to write letters to the class. In return, you’ll receive updates and letters from students three times a year.

Letter-Writing Prompts to Your Sponsored Class:

Everyone is invited to write letters of encouragement to Daylight students. These letters will be read to the entire class so please address it to the class as a whole. In your letters we encourage you to connect over interests and activities. Please avoid talking about things you own or the house you live in. If you send a picture of your family please do not include pictures of your home or things you own.

Here are some letter writing ideas:

Why are you excited about about supporting this class?
What have you recently learned about Kenya or Daylight School?
What do you hope the child will learn at School? (This could be a truth or skill.)
What do you appreciate about this class?
What do you want the class to remember when facing discouragement?
What are your closest family members like?
What do you do you or have you done for a career?
What is your hobby?
What do you like to do when your extended family gets together?
What is your typical day like?
How do you relax?
What do you do at church/work/school?
What do you like most about your hometown?
What are some interesting facts about your state/province/region?

Letters can be mailed to Daylight US PO Box and

Daylight Center and School
PO Box 40533
Saint Paul, MN 55104

Your letters will be delivered to Daylight Kenya the following March, June, October, and January.

Our students look forward to hearing from you!


Elijah is Excited about Becoming President…and the New Desks

Elijah is in 4th grade and he loves reading and studying languages at Daylight. He can already speak and read in English and Swahili. These language skills are going to serve Elijah well because when he grows up, he wants to be the President of Kenya!We are so proud of Elijah, who started at Daylight in preschool five years ago. It is clear his family values education. His father is a farmer, his mother is a teacher, and his big sister is in high school. Elijah walks to school 4 kilometers each day to learn.

He is also excited about the new desks that the Daylight builders are currently working on from the lumber of a fallen tree on the Daylight property.It’s hard work but the desks are strong and hand made with love.On behalf of Elijah (his future Presidential campaign staff), his family, and all the students and staff at Daylight, thank you for supporting our amazing school!


Water in the Desert Village School of Alale

Daylight Village School in Alale is the second campus for Daylight, located a day’s drive into the desert of northern Kenya.

Our 100 elementary-age students at Daylight Alale live at home with their families. Most families are farmers,, and our students get up each morning do their chores on their family’s farm, walk to school for the day, walk home, then finish their chores.

They are inspiring young people who are willing to go the extra mile to get an education, and we are so proud of them!Most of these children are the first in their family to go to school. Their school is a simple three-room school house made of clay and wood with a tin roof.  Two years ago, with your help and a grant from Rotary Clubs, we installed a well at the school. It was the only well for several miles, and it has had a big impact on the students and the entire community!
Daylight Kenya Board Member Bosco “Strong Wind” Loris

During the day, students and teachers wait their turn to fill up buckets of fresh water from the only spigot for miles.After the students and adults get their fill, the cows that provide milk to the students are lined up to drink from the trough.Daylight’s school in Alale is bringing hope to a generation of young people, and we are so grateful for your partnership in their education. This rainbow over Daylight School Alale is a pretty fitting description of the hope that is raining down on the community!


Give the Gift of Education this Holiday Season

This holiday season consider giving the gift of education to a loved one. You can donate a one-time gift to Daylight in honor of others (no matter the amount!). Then print as many Daylight honor gift cards and send them to your giftee(s).

For $30 a month, you can give the gift of Sponsoring a Class.  

When you Sponsor a Class at Daylight, you choose a grade between 4th and 7th grade and have the opportunity to send letters to your class. And the sponsor will receive letters and stories from students three times a year! This gift will help expand their world and teach them valuable lessons about the importance of education and overcoming obstacles.

Sponsors will receive letters from students like Grace in 6th grade.

Grace never expected to go to school. She grew up helping out at her family farm. But when Grace’s parents passed away suddenly, she was offered an opportunity to come and study at Daylight. She is excited to learn the skills she would need to provide for herself as an adult.

Grace came to Daylight as a teenager and learned to read and write in 4th grade! She loves playing goalie in soccer games and, when she grows up, she wants to run a clinic in her home village!

Your one-time and monthly gifts will go to support the education of 400 students and over 30 education and support staff at Daylight School in Kenya.

To sponsor a class go to Daylight Support Us and fill out the form or email for help.

And, on behalf of the Daylight students, teachers, cooks, and support staff, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.