About Us

In western Kenya, nomads roam the land searching for water. Animals are the people’s food and currency. Teenagers with AK-47s are taught to steal from rivaling tribes. Many children are killed in tribal fighting, die of starvation or see no alternative to a life of cattle stealing.

Inspired by the love of Jesus, we strive to empower these nomadic people to realize a peaceful future for themselves. We aim to educate a new generation of leaders to serve and transform their communities and inspire other ways of livelihood. We believe children are the key to breaking long-standing generational patterns of violent behavior.

Daylight is located in the city of Kapenguria at the edge of the nomadic lands. Today, Daylight has committed teachers providing education for 200 kids who come from tribes across the region. Jesus said “Let the children come to me…” (Matt. 19:14), so Daylight welcomes all children. With the help of generous supporters and partners, we hope one day to increase enrollment to 600 children.

We believe that Jesus lived with and among the poor and died for those he loves. Jesus calls all humanity to follow his radical example of compassion, self-sacrifice, and community.

See and hear Director Michael Kimpur’s story “From Herds Boy to School Boy.”