“That could have been me” – A Reflection on tragedy

*WARNING: This update contains a graphic reflection from Kenya Director Michael Kimpur on the murder of a young Pokot herds boy. 

Last week we wrote on how Daylight’s vehicle is often called upon as an ambulance.

But this week we were too late to save one young boy’s life. I received a call from a very remote village that is located along the border between the Pokot Tribe and Turkana Tribe. These villages along the border between tribes are often places of heavy fighting. Where cows are most often stolen back and forth by Pokot and Turkana raiding parties. Often with tragic consequences.

We were told a young boy (maybe 10 years old) had been out herding 80 of his family’s cows. And that a group of Turkana men had found him, killed him, and the cows were stolen. And the villagers wanted the Daylight staff to come and file an official report (as we are able to read and write and deliver the report to the government authorities outside the desert).

We drove hours into the desert to a very remote village. We have seen this tragedy befall so many kids before, but when we showed up we saw the situation was far more horrifying. The Turkana raiders had beheaded the boy and placed the knife on his head. It was a clear message that was meant to send terror into the hearts of all the herds boys.

His father and mother were so traumatized to see such an act of terror and horror upon their child.

I tell you we cried for that boy. And I believe even the angels in heaven were weeping with us.

I cried because I grew up like that boy. “That could have been me” I told our US Director Nathan Roberts over the phone. “But I was spared because I got a chance to go to school. I got an opportunity to study in safety. I didn’t have to live in fear, herding cows day after day. That’s why we do this work. That’s why we started Daylight. To save kids. I only wish we could have saved this boy. I wish he could have gone to school.”

It is with a heavy heart that we deliever this reflection. But we wanted to tell you this boy’s story so that his death can serve as a reminder of the important work we do. Daylight has given life and opportunity to 330 students and this last week we were reminded how important our work is.

Thank you for supporting Daylight and pray for comfort for the family of the boy who died and an end to the violence.

Michael Kimpur
Founder and Kenya Director 

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