1 Minute Update: Back to School

Dear Friends,

Our students are so happy to be back to school! In Kenya the new school year begins in January, so with many more safety precautions our classes are back in full swing – with a little catching up to do after many classes were not in session during most of 2020. The campus is filled with joy and happiness, and much activity.

It can be difficult with so many students to be as socially distanced as we’d like, but the students are wearing masks and washing their hands as much as possible. All our staff and students are staying healthy.

Along with teaching our amazing students, our staff has also been busy building more desks, repairing bunks for the dorms and stocking up on maize and beans.

We couldn’t have gotten through this past year without all your prayers and support. We are truly thankful for all of you. As the pandemic continues we will carry on providing a safe and loving school and home to these future leaders. Please continue to keep the students and staff in your thoughts and prayers.

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