1 Minute Update: Daylight Offices get an upgrade

As you may recall, our 8th graders took their National Tests earlier this spring. As they go off to Secondary school in July, we wanted to highlight that their high tests scores ranked Daylight School as the 4th highest scores in Pokot County!  Please keep these amazing new high school students in your thoughts and prayers as they embark on another step in their education journey!

2021 8th Grade Graduates

Meanwhile, back at the school, our office space has gotten a lovely make over! As you can imagine over time and great use, our buildings need upkeep and repair.  Our staff has been hard at work updating the floors in the offices and they look great!

In the process of getting the new floor tiles installed

Our offices are used by our incredible staff every day to run the school. They have to keep track of all the students, purchasing food, school books, and other equipment, class curriculum, meetings for planning and communications with the U.S. Board, among many other things. If you haven’t, please check out our website page about our Daylight Kenya staff. We are so thankful for their hard work, compassion and dedication to our students!

Our Daylight School staff working together in the office with their beautiful new floors!
The offices look great!

Thank you to all our supporters for making the dream of an education a reality for so many amazing students and future leaders! Please continue to keep the students and staff in your thoughts and prayers. ‚Äč

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