One Minute Update

Greetings! As a Daylight donor, I know the stories of these students have made an impact on your heart, as it has for me.

Now more than ever Daylight needs your continued support. The Covid epidemic hit the Kenya economy hard – especially in the poor, rural regions.  Daylight staff felt compassion for the number of children whose families could no longer afford the $350 a year to send them to public school. It was a natural choice for the staff to wrap their loving arms around an additional 100 students, bringing the attendance level on the Kapenguria campus to 450 students, a 30% increase in the student population. 

As a result, Daylight’s daily operational costs have risen. Class sizes have increased from an average of 30 to 40 students per classroom. The need for, beds and mattresses, chairs  and desks for these new students is overwhelming. Donations toward the cost of these specific needs would be greatly appreciated! We thank you in advance for supporting Daylight by helping to fund these items.

With this increase in student enrollment, Daylight’s ongoing expenses have increased as well: teacher salaries, food, uniforms and curriculum to name a few.  We anticipate a need for a 20-30% increase in our sustaining giving to meet the growing and ongoing financial needs of Daylight.

Please take a few moments to read this letter from Collins (an 8th grader at Daylight) and give some serious thought to deepening your commitment to these wonderful children by becoming a sustaining donor, by increasing your annual gift at this time, or beginning a Daylight School journey with a donation. My wife and I have doubled our sustaining giving over the past year and I’m hoping that you will join us in whatever way you’re able. 

Serving together, Merv Miller Chairman – Daylight US

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