Reflections on 2012

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”
—Mother Theresa

A lot has changed at Daylight Center and School in the past year. We are excited about the many children who are being educated, and loved, and who are being encouraged to grow into leaders in their communities. We want to share our excitement with you. Here are some of our biggest accomplishments from this last year:

  • Attendance has grown to 200 students from 130 students since May of this year. More and more parents and guardians are excited to send their children to school, even if it means one less child to help herd animals.
  • Daylight’s first dormitory is now complete, thanks to the generosity of our supporters! Previously, families in the Daylight community have hosted students who come from great distances.
  • Our new Adult and Child Literacy Program in the rural village of Alale enables children and parents to take entry-level classes in reading and math.
  • New U.S.-based staff hire, (Rachel), started working part-time this past June, thanks to private funding. Previously, volunteers were solely responsible for fundraising for Daylight. But as Daylight has grown, so has the work!
  • Our beautiful new website features a reorganized user-friendly menu, as well as images and video that will be updated regularly with the latest Daylight news.

We feel blessed by the progress Daylight has made since its creation in 2008. And we recognize we could not have journeyed this far without the work of God and the generosity of our supporters. Thank you, thank you!

We have accomplished so much, and there is still so much to accomplish! For example, Daylight is in need of a dependable water supply system. Currently, staff and students get clean water through pipes from the Kapenguria township, but these pipes run dry far too often as drought is a common issue. Installing a water supply system directly on the Daylight property would insure that staff and students have access to clean water at all times. The total cost of this water supply system is $5,250.00.

Please consider making a year-end gift for this and other needs online. All donations are tax-deductible thanks to our partner 501(c)3, House of Mercy.

Thank you. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!


Kimpur Family Christmas Letter

Dear Friends and Daylight family,

Greetings from Pokot, Kenya. I hope you are doing well in the Lord. Christmas is just around the corner, and my wife, Angelina, and I felt we would share with you an update on our family and the Daylight Kids’ Ministry that we are involved in here in Pokot, Kenya.

As I write, all the children are back home from their respective boarding schools – we are full-house. Roselyn Chelimo (grade 11) arrived home last Tuesday. She goes to school in Kampala, Uganda. Yesterday, we had a family meeting for the purpose of writing this report. I wanted everyone to give their input. Apparently, everyone was all smiles – a sure sign that this year, 2012, has been a good year for the family and Daylight.

The kids are growing up, and the family is growing too – literally. Along with our six children, we keep receiving more kids to the family: Pempe (6), Njoki (11), Peter (8), Christine Arupe (17), Grace Kakuko (11), and Chepar (7). These children live with us and are part of our family. Each one of them has a unique background story, and we thank God for enabling us to house and be there for them. They are happy and are attending school. Indeed, Angelina is a busy girl for she has to keep up with the demands and bustle of a house teeming with life. We, however, don’t take this for granted; we are blessed beyond measure…

As this year rolls up, we thank God for His grace and love for us, and we thank God for:

  • Little China – our son’s health is on a full recovery after being hospitalized twice in the year.
  • Christine Arupe – just graduated from High School to the joy of the whole family and friends
  • Dormitory – a 60-bed capacity dormitory built for the Daylight kids.
  • Family House- has been roofed and will move in as soon as it is complete sometime this year.
  • Visitors – we had so many friends and guests visiting this year – over twenty-five from the United States.
  • Two Dairy Cows – with the help from Edina Morningside Church through a youth fundraiser.

…and many more blessings!

Most importantly, as we celebrate Christmas, please join us in a shout of THANKSGIVING and PRAISE to Him. Amen.


Michael and Angelina Kimpur
Daylight, Pokot, Kenya

Print the PDF version of this letter.


Daylight Christmas Gift Ideas

It is now December and Christmas is fast approaching. Have you finished your Christmas shopping? Whether you are still looking for stocking stuffers or something to place under the tree, please consider giving your loved ones a Daylight Honor Gift for Christmas.

How to make an Honor Gift:

1. Donate to Daylight (no matter the amount!).

2. Give or send your giftee(s) a Daylight honor gift card. Here are a few options for how to do that:

  • Print as many Daylight honor gift cards as you like directly from the internet.
  • Email* us at with your mailing address and how many honor gift cards you would like us to send to you.
  • Email* us at with a short list of people and addresses you would like us to send an honor gift card to on your behalf.

Gifts-in-Kind for Daylight Teachers

Daylight teachers and staff in Kenya would like cell phones with replaceable SIM cards and iPods.

Do you have an old cellphone or iPod you are no longer using? We will fill the ipods with podcasts about education to help further our teacher’s education!

Mail them to board member, Joyce Schwartz, who will be leaving for Kenya December 30th: 7136 Sunshine Drive, Eden Prairie, MN 55346.

Thank you!


*Email us soon in order have the cards mailed before Christmas!

**Please note that cell phones must have a replaceable SIM card in order to work in Kenya. If you are unsure, please ask your cell phone provider if the phone you want to donate has a replaceable SIM card.


Vision Partnership and Invitation to Sunday’s Event

Daylight board member, Brianna, reflects on her recent trip to Daylight: 

Before going to Kenya, so many of the pieces of what we have been doing through Daylight have just been a vague outline in my mind: it’s always been about “the land,” “the kids,” or “the teachers” but it didn’t totally fit together in my head, because I hadn’t seen it. And, once I was there, it made a lot more sense; seeing the reality just made the vision that much clearer.

I know that this vision is something that I am willing to stand by. Not out of a sense of duty because of the gifts I have been given, though that is a part of it. But because these people (Michael, Angelina, the students, the teachers, the nomadic people, the people of Kapenguria) are a part of me too. They don’t need charity, they deserve partners in the vision that they have created, and that is what we are doing through Daylight.


Event Fundraiser for Daylight

This Sunday, The Northstar Bartenders’ Guild is hosting an event and donating a portion of the proceeds to Daylight! Will you be in town? Join us!

Sunday, December 2nd
8:00pm – 10:00pm
Icehouse Minneapolis, 2528 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN

General Admission: $10
Purchase advance tickets.



Building Dedication and Celebration

From Daylight board member, Brianna:

Saturday was the final day for the construction project (the medical clinic wrapped up on Friday so we could be sure and get everything done). Desks and tables were varnished, see-saws for the kids were built, and clean up ensued. Everyone was in a hurry, because on Saturday afternoon we would have the large celebration/ceremony for the completion of the new dorm.

At 2:00, the celebration began with prayer and dedication of the new building, in the new building. Everyone shared their thankfulness for the project, and several songs were shared. We then moved out of the building (as the rain stopped) to join the larger group there to celebrate, who were gathered on the Daylight grounds. Every bench, chair, sofa, and available surface for sitting was utilized. I would guess there was around 300 people there.

To read more about the dormitory projects and latest adventures at Daylight, read Brianna’s blog!