Daylight’s New Website & Michael’s Story

Have you visited the Daylight website lately? Have you noticed anything different? We hope so!

We are excited to announce the launch of Daylight Center and School’s new website. The new website features a reorganized user-friendly menu, as well as images and video that will be updated regularly with the latest happenings at Daylight.

Be sure to check our Events page this fall to attend Daylight events in your area, or take the initiative and contact us to host an event!

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Special thanks to Daylight partner, Luke Finsaas, for the time and work he donated to give us this beautiful new website!

Rachel Finsaas
Director of Operations


Singing the Star Spangled Banner

Faith and David Kroeker Maus are Daylight Board Members currently living in Uganda working with an Aid Organization. They visited Daylight mid July.

After meeting the teachers and touring the school grounds, I led a session on malaria prevention for the children. Then David led a short social studies session where we discussed the symbolism in the American and Kenyan flags, and the children sang the Kenyan national anthem for us. When we opened it up for questions from the group, of course the children asked us to sing our anthem.

And so, in what was probably one of the most ridiculous and hilarious exploits of the Kroeker Maus duo thus far, we robustly sang the Star Spangled Banner (try translating that title in Swahili!) for not one, but two groups, totally around 200+ students and teachers. The pinnacle of the day was planting some trees around Daylight. The teachers marked off the acre (70 paces) that we helped purchase, and then the kids lined up along the edges of it and shouted thanks.

Faith and David Kroeker Maus


A Dying Baby Saved!

Faith and David Kroeker Maus are Daylight Board Members currently living in Uganda working with an Aid Organization. They visited Daylight last week.

On our way to the nomads we came upon a group of people surrounding a woman sitting on the ground holding a very sick child. Although he was breathing and sometimes coughing feebly, his eyes had rolled back in his head, and he was mostly unconscious.

This child was clearly going to die if he did not receive medical attention soon. So, we loaded the boy, his father, mother, and grandmother into the vehicle and sped off back the way we had come.

As we pulled away the women in the group screamed prayers to Yesu (Jesus) and lifted their hands in thanks to us. Finally we reached the hospital. The doctors told us that the boy had arrived in time and would survive.

The boy’s parents and grandmother were the only barefoot adults in thehospital and were clearly overwhelmed by everything around them. Paved roads, large buildings, and indoor plumbing were just not part of their worlds.

We stayed with them until everything was settled and gave them some money for all of the hospital bills before setting off on our journey a second time.

Faith and David Kroeker Maus