Two New Cows from MN at Daylight

Michael Kimpur and Nathan Roberts visited Edina Morningside Church in 2010. During the last year they have been praying for Daylight, reading the 1 minute updates in their church newsletter. This yeart they decided to buy a cow for Daylight. Their goal was to raise $500 for one cow during the four weeks of Lent.

In May Daylight received this email:

Wonders never cease! Soon you will be getting a check for not ONE cow, but TWO cows. When we had completed our fund raising for the cow, some “angels” came out of the congregation and contributed enough money for a SECOND cow! Isn’t that wonderful?!

We wish you and all of the people at Daylight many Blessings!!

Pam DeLaittre

Edina Morningside Community Church (UCC)

Last week the cows were purchased and are now providing many gallons of fresh milk for the kids everyday.

We are so grateful for the gift and we made this short Video to say thanks.

We invite your community to email and give a special gift of your own!

Nathan Roberts and Michael Kimpur



Upcoming Visitors to Daylight

We have lots of people visiting Daylight in the coming months.

In November: Nathan Roberts (US Director) and Brianna Menning (board member) will be accompanying Larry Vukov and a team of Mayo Doctors as they complete the dormitory and lead medical clinics for the people of Kapenguria.

In January: George and Megan Knuteson (Daylight partners), Joyce (board chair) and her son Pearson Schwartz; followed by Alison Rainey (choir director from Lynnhurst Church).

Please hold these visitors in your prayers as they prepare to meet the kids and staff at Daylight.

Watch this video to see some travel trips about visiting Daylight!


The Cost of Ignorance

Meet Amos: A nurse in the nomadic village of Alale

“The Word of God is to be preached to these people; teachings of love: ‘love your enemy as yourself.’ The Church can also promote schooling for children. Those who are learned—any child who has reached even the 8th grade—none of them will return to warrior lifestyle because they are now enlightened. Schooling will do away with ignorance.

“Ignorance kills people because the rain washes [human] waste to the river and then they drink water from the river and get worms, eggs, bacteria, typhoid, and dysentery.

“This is the cost of ignorance.” —Nurse Amos
Excerpted interview from Director of Operations Rachel Finsaas’ master’s thesis

On the recent trip to Alale Faith and David met with Amos. They talked to the group about making sure all children were vaccinated, especially from polio. Amos motioned to his slightly crippled legs and told them that was from polio as a child. He encouraged the group to always bring sick people to him as soon as they became ill, especially children.