Medical Kit and Dinners

These last few weeks have been exciting for Daylight. Thanks to the bake sale at SonRise Church in Ada, MN we are able to purchase a medical kit for Daylight. This is a $1000 super First-Aid Kit that all schools in Kenya need to have to fight malaria, fevers, and accidents. The nearest clinic is 5 miles away and with no ambulances, a first-aid kit can be the difference between life and death. Huge thanks to SonRise!

Dinner Parties
We kicked off our Daylight Dinner Parties with two last week! We hope you will have you friends and family over for dinner and tell them about the exciting work Daylight is doing in the lives of children. Read the Daylight Dinner Party Plan, get info on our events page, or email

The kids and families at Daylight are counting on you to share their stories with compassionate people.

Thank you,
Nathan Roberts
Daylight US Director


Kimpur Relatives Victims of Armed Raid

My mom and brother have lived their lives our small village of Allale. They have lived on cows milk, goat meat, and fetching water from the river. They have never had electricity or running water in their simple hut. So it was a tragedy when armed raiders came to their home with guns and stole their herd of cattle. They made off with their life savings, source of food, and livelihood. My brother used a cell phone provided by me for times of emergency. He called the police in a nearby town to report the theft. The police man gave chase in their vehicle and were able to stop the thieves a days journey across the border in Uganda. Thankfully the cows were returned to my mom and brother. And no one was hurt.

However, many are not so blessed. Few cows are returned and many people are shot in these robberies.

Daylight is working to stop cattle stealing in the rural villages by teaching people other life skills so they can learn to count money and read. This allows them to sell cows in the market and pursuit other means of employment.

Thanks you for praying for my family and supporting Daylight,

Michael Kimpur
Kenya Director


Daylight Dinner Parties

Wanna support Daylight in a fun way? Host a Daylight Dinner Party…

A Daylight Dinner Party is an opportunity for you to share Daylight with your friends and family in a relaxed environment, and in the comfort of your own home. It is a time to enjoy each other’s company, eat good food, and learn about and support the important work of this school.

How It Works
Customize your dinner party by filling out the Customized Dinner Plan document. And submit your plan to

Once you submit your plan, we will schedule a Daylight board member or staff person to attend your dinner party, and provide you with dinner invitation postcards to send your guests. After that, you are simply responsible for inviting your guests, and providing food and beverage!

The suggested order of events for your party is as follows:

1. Introductions. Serve beverages when guests first arrive and make introductions. Consider making chai tea, a Kenyan staple!

2. Video. The Daylight representative will bring a short Daylight-introductory video to share.

3. Dinner. Serve either your own dinner menu, or use the suggestions in the plan below and serve food that is common in Kenya and that the children at Daylight eat.

a. Optional food activity (see dinner plan document).

4. Presentation. During, or immediately after dinner, the Daylight representative will talk more about Daylight, its current needs, and perhaps show another brief video.

5. Discussion. The Daylight representative may raise questions for discussion, and assist in answering questions from your guests. The Daylight representative will also have Daylight informational materials available for your guests.