2012 Fiscal Report

Thank you to those who are supporting Daylight now, and those who supported us last year, in 2012!

In 2012, supporters gave a total of $96,383.46 to Daylight; a 16% increase over 2011. Of this total, $57,373.46 was donated to the Daylight General Operations Fund, which covers the cost of Kenyan staff salaries, food and classroom materials for students, and community outreach projects. Five percent of these general operations resources also supported development projects for Daylight classrooms and dormitory. And we are happy to report that only 8% of general fund donations were used to cover administrative costs.

Many people also responded to special, designated costs, such as building development, supplies for the new dormitory, U.S. staff salary, travel, and dairy cows. Daylight raised $39,010.00 for these special projects in addition to the general operations fund.

Note: In June 2012, Rachel Finsaas began working for Daylight as U.S. Director of Operations after fundraising her own salary. Nathan Roberts continues to volunteer his time.

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Rachel Finsaas
US Director of Operations
Daylight Center and School

Swings, Young Leaders, and Emotional Income

My fellow traveler, George, loves swings. His company revolves around swings and providing opportunities for individuals in wheelchairs to enjoy swings. George and his granddaughter, Megan, constructed three tree swings by the school, and one of the highlights of the trip was watching the lines of delighted Daylight students use the swings.

My son, Pearson, offered to teach them how to do a back flip off the swing, but I thought that first we should just teach them how to pump their legs!

The headmaster who told us the swings were helping him learn more about the children. He could identify which kids were the organizers and leaders, and then have them use those skills in the classroom. He could also note which kids were off to the side or by themselves and make sure he talked with them to see if they were homesick or having a problem.

George spoke about “emotional income” and how important it was for each of us to receive “emotional income”. After seeing those kids and talking to the headmaster, I think George’s “emotional income” has made him a rich man.

Joyce Schwartz
Daylight Board Chair


Making Lunch means Milking, Shucking, and Cleaning

Making lunch at Daylight is a big job. It starts with milking the Daylight cows, shucking corn, sorting it, praying, and doing dishes for 200 kids, 16 teachers, and a handful of neighbors who may be visiting. We made this short video to help paint the picture a bit clearer. In rural Kenyan villages, nomads milk camels. Watch the video to see Board Member Brianna Menning giving it a try!


No Boredom at Daylight says Megan

“There is no such thing as boredom.” – Megan speaking of life at Daylight.

On Monday, my husband George Knuteson installed 3 swings on the trees at Daylight. Our granddaughter Megan (a freshman in college) taught the children how to pump the swing, automatically ensuring the duration of the line lasting into nightfall.

She used many tactics to make waiting in line for the swing more fun.

At one point she decided to hand out suckers to those waiting in line.

Then she asked them to sing. In a flash they grouped themselves into a choir and began to sing out their hearts.

These children are amazing in their constant joyful spirit, playing with each other on a peer level no matter the significant difference in their ages. They are extraordinarily well behaved and considerate of each other, most respectful of their elders.

On Tuesday, the teachers were helping prepare the classes for the Winter Term to start. The blackboards were hung after Megan painted them with a special black paint which is re-applied every 6 months. And the teeter totters built by the November team from Rochester have now been reinforced with steel plates. George is enjoying being a resident handyman.

The group has made it back from Alale safe and sound and they will be sending us more stories soon!

Marillyn Knuteson
Wife of George, and Grandmother of Megan


The Innove Project

Daylight is extremely excited to announce that we have applied for a 5-year grant with the Innove Project! The Innove Project is a new ministry of Colonial Church in Edina, MN. Daylight has ties to Colonial through board members, staff, and Michael Kimpur even has been to Colonial on several occasions. It is a grant specifically targeted towards Christian organizations that are run by young people. We will be interviewed, and our organization will be assessed by the folks at Innove. It is a long process and we may not know if we get all or part of the $250,000 grant until this summer.

Please pray for us during this process! It is a huge opportunity and we would like your prayer support.

The details of the project are below:

Colonial Church invites proposals from idea-makers, 35-years-old and younger, residing in the greater Twin Cities region, to submit proposals for projects that “break new ground” for the sake of cultural betterment and human flourishing in accordance with gospel values of faith, service, grace, justice, love, redemption and reconciliation. InnovĂ© provides $250,000 toward project grants, along with human resources, expertise, time, networking, creative community, incubation and acceleration toward successful project launches.

A HUGE thanks to Rachel Finsaas for doing a fantastic job with the application, and to Joyce Schwartz for encouraging us to apply.

Nathan Roberts
Daylight US Director