5th Grade Social Studies Class on Nomadic Life

Today the 5th Grade Social Studies class is studying the history of Education in the Nomadic world. The teacher began with the quote “In the past like today, people had many opportunities to come together and exchange ideas. This happened through social gatherings like dances or during cultural activities like initiation ceremonies.”

Showing them that while formal education is new to the region, people have always come together to learn from one another. They are studying traditional forms of education through storytelling, skill sharing from generation to generation, and rites of passage. We hope this connection to their history will help prepare them to be leaders in their communities!

Daylight empowers students to imagine a better future together and end the conflicts tearing their communities apart. Education is a huge part of bringing peace and stability. Education opens up doors to employment, social engagement, and deeper cultural reflection.

Michael Kimpur
Daylight Center, Kenya

Join our team to visit Daylight January 4 – 18, 2014.*

This is a two week trip that will allow you to experience the joy and hope that Daylight provides the children everyday. As a trip team member, you will participate in Skill Sharing at Daylight. Skills Sharing is choosing a topic of interest to you (hobbies, abilities, talents) to present to a specific group (kids, teachers, mothers, etc.). If you prefer, you may co-lead a skill-sharing session with another team member. This will be a fun way to interact with the community. In turn, the staff and children of Daylight will share skills they have mastered (like cooking tea on an open fire, teaching a class without electricity, and how to milk a cow!).

Trip applications are Due June 30th!
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*Dates are subject to change until flights are purchased in July.