Village Church and School includes Adult Education

Four years ago, the elders from the village of Alale (Michael’s childhood home village) gathered to discuss how to bring education and peace to their village. They decided they needed a church and a school. They donated a hill for Daylight to build a church and school on.

Michael stands with church women’s choir in Alale.

While things go slowly in Kenya, we made good on their request by constructing a small one-room building out of logs and clay–our first Daylight outpost–one year ago. Since then, it has been a hot bed of community education, singing, dancing, reading, and jumping!

Each week a hundred people (sometimes more!) walk miles to church to gather for Sunday worship and fellowship, which often lasts all day!

The Alale church congregation prays over Michael and Daylight.

During the week, a Daylight teacher leads a morning class of pre-school children, teaching them to read and write on the chalk board. In the afternoons, men gather to learn the same.

Alale children learn numbers.

As Alale is a very gendered culture, the locals prefer to have separate classes for men and women. We will be starting a women’s literacy class soon!

Thank you for helping to bring literacy and a lot of joy to the people of Alale.

Nathan Roberts
U.S. Director


A note on the recent terrorist attack in Nairobi:
This is a tragic ordeal. For those who are not as familiar with where Daylight is located in relation to Nairobi, it is over 6 hours away by car. However, it is possible that teachers and staff at Daylight know some of the victims in the terrorist attack. We hope you will join us in keeping Kenya in your thoughts and prayers.


Family Fun Fall Hayride Oct. 6

We invite you, and your friends and family to Daylight’s first annual Family Fun Fall Hayride.

There will be hot dogs, s’mores, a fire pit, music, face paint, and of course: horses and hayrides!

Suggested Donation:
$20 Individual
$35 Couples
$50 Families

Come have some family fun and support the work Daylight Center and School is doing!

When: October 6th, 12:30-3:00pm

Where: Bunker Park Stables, 550 Bunker Lake Blvd NW, Andover, MN

Invite your friends by forwarding this email, or through our Facebook event.
You can also print the PDF event flyer.

See you there!

Joyce Schwartz
Board Chair, Daylight U.S.

Answered prayer: supporters have already given funds for 4 out of 20 bunk beds needed. This number includes the bed Tilly gave a few weeks ago.

We are encouraging people who donate for a bunk bed to take a picture of themselves and write down a prayer for Daylight students. The picture and prayer will be framed and hung by a bunk bed for the students to see each night before bed.

Join Tilly. Give a bunk bed!


School’s Out and the Soccer Field is Full

Throughout the month of August, Daylight students have been on break from class and spending sunrise to sunset on the soccer field.

Daylight has year round school that begins each January. There is no big summer break, but three breaks during the year when boarding students can return home to visit family in nearby villages: three weeks in August, four weeks in December, and 2 weeks in April.

Those that live in the area or chose not to return home this last August, spent the break playing soccer and volleyball, doing pull-ups, swinging, and singing.

They are heading back to class this week and the new classrooms are under construction!

Thank you for making Daylight a place of joy for so many children!

Nathan Roberts
U.S. Director


Answered prayer: we have reached our $5,500 goal for a new Phase 1 classroom! Special thanks to First Presbyterian Church of Stillwater.