2014 Pledge Drive — Daylight “in the Black”

Did you know “Black Friday” references an accounting term: “in the black,” meaning the massive sales and Christmas shopping on this day each year is intended to help make businesses financially stable, to reflect black, positive income numbers on their balance sheets rather than negative red ones?

For the last 2 years, Daylight has been operating at about 65% of our ideal budget. This means, mostly, that our teachers have graciously accepted a much lower wage than what they could earn at other schools.

This year marks our very first official pledge drive, in an effort to be “in the black” in 2014 and closer to our ideal budget of $96,000 for the year.

We believe that if we had 75 pledgers of various giving levels, we can reach this goal. So far, 22 people have pledged to support Daylight in 2014! Will you join us?

Call or email me to make a pledge or learn more about making a pledge to support Daylight in 2014. You may also visit our support page to learn how to setup a monthly, recurring donation to Daylight.

Rachel Finsaas
U.S. Director, Operations



Christmas Gift Idea
As you do your Christmas shopping, consider giving a gift to Daylight in honor of your friends and family. Simply print our Honor Gift Card, or contact us to send the gift card(s) on your behalf.

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