August Break Means Family Visits

Daylight school is a year-round school with three month-long breaks throughout the year. August is one of those breaks. It’s a time that many kids go home to visit their families and communities (where safety permits).

Daylight has students from three geographical regions.

1. The nearby neighborhood. These kids go between school and home every day.

2. 1-3 miles away. Daylight, like many schools in Kenya, doesn’t have a school bus to take kids back and forth between home and school each day. So kids whose families live more than a 30-minute walk from Daylight live at school and only go home on the weekends.

3. Desert villages. Many hours drive from Daylight. These students live in Daylight’s dormitories. But during holidays, many of these children get to visit their families or extended families.

These trips back home, whether near or far, are special times where families get to see the progress their children are making.

But these trips can also be hard. Many of these children came to Daylight after one or both of their parents passed away. And trips home to visit aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents can remind them of there troubled pasts.

Please keep these children in your thoughts and prayers as they visit their families. That their visits home will be times of joy and that the painful memories will be eased by the love and hope that is showered on them by their family and the staff at Daylight.

Nathan Roberts and Michael Kimpur
Co-founders and Directors