2015 Pledge Drive – Make Kids Dreams’ Come True!

Children at Daylight are given a chance to make their dreams come true. Going to school allows them to learn to write letters to friends, read a newspaper, grow up and get a job, and even make an informed decision about who to vote for! Your 2015 Pledge makes all this possible!

Today at Daylight, we have 280 students in preschool through 7th grade as well as 100 more children at our rural outpost nursery school! In 2015, we expect enrollment to increase to 320 students in preschool through 8th grade in addition to the 100 rural nursery students.

In order to provide education, food, shelter, clothing, and health care to these children, our expected budget in 2015 is $137,000. We believe that if we had 100 pledgers of various giving levels, we can reach this goal.

Will you join our pledge drive for 2015?

Call or email Rachel Finsaas to make a pledge to support Daylight in 2015!
Rachel Finsaas: 612-293-7476
Or learn how to Pledge online at: daylightcenter.org/support-us/

You can also learn more about our 2015 budget and pledge drive by attending our Supporter Appreciation Tea November 16th 2-3 pm for refreshments, fellowship, progress report and thanks-filled program at:

Thank you so much and we’ll see you there!

Rachel Finsaas
Daylight Director of Operations

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