Daylight Teaches Students to Care for Cows

On top of being an amazing school, Daylight is also a working farm!


In fact, agriculture is woven into our educational activities. Because agriculture is a huge industry in rural Kenya, we give our students an opportunity to learn about what it takes to raise cows. Many of our students will grow up and work in Kenyan agriculture or run their own small family farms.  Kids milk cows, and this milk is served for lunch and tea.  You will find cows grazing around the school and keeping the grass on the futbol field short!

Daylight has a dozen cows, and each provides 8-10 liters of milk per day. This month we added one more, thanks to the children of Edina Morningside Church, who bought us a cow and 3 goats!

Asanti Sana, Thank you!


You Learn So Much on a Daylight Mission Trip

Mission Trips are important, not just for the kids and staff at Daylight, but it also changes the travelers.

We took three teenagers to Daylight and as they taught English in a simple brick classroom with no computers or Wi-Fi, and the students in Kenya blew them away.

How do I know this? Because they told me.

They became more passionate about Creation Care as the Kenyan teachers they shared that Climate Change is affecting the weather patterns in Northern Kenya making it harder to grow crops.

DSC_2551They realized the importance of empowering girls when they heard 8th grade girls share how education was making it possible for them to become lawyers and doctors instead of spending their day hand pumping water and washing clothes.


They experience the power of multi-cultural worship as they as they sang and clapped and jumped and danced with the children and staff.


The Mission Trip helps us share in the work we do at Daylight and then come home and share the great work with your friends and family.  Helping to build a wider circle of support for Daylight.

Nathan Roberts
US Director