Thelma Recovered from Malaria and Now She Wants to be a Doctor

Thelma is in 6th grade at Daylight and she wants to be a doctor. Her passion came after she went to the hospital with Malaria.17- Thelma

“I want to heal people who are sick. Because last year I went to the hospital. I was at Daylight in the dorms and my body got very cold. I went to the doctor and he gave me medication for malaria. It helped me feel better, but it took a long while. I missed school for a long time. I had to borrow books from my classmates to catch up. My teachers sent homework for me to work on. But finally I got better and came back to school.”

Thelma’s experience gave her a passion for medicine. “I want to help people to be hopeful even when things get difficult.”

Thank you for supporting Thelma and all the students and staff at Daylight.

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Daylight’s Leah Chepkemoi is the Top Student in the County!

Daylight is approaching its tenth anniversary in January. There are now 380 kids attending the school, over one third of whom are orphans.

The results of the annual Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam were just published for this fall. This is the nationwide qualifying test for students to move from eighth grade to high school.

Daylight is now one of the top school in West Pokot County! A county in Kenya is the equivalent of a State in the U.S.

We were featured in The Standard – the national paper of Kenya.

standard 1-vert

Daylight students are at a theoretical disadvantage on this test. First, some of our eighth-grade students came to Daylight in the past few years speaking nothing but their tribal language, and the test is in English.

Second, we hire young teachers (often right out of university) to work for 1 – 3 years for about 1/3 of what public school teachers make. But they work hard and are amazing young teachers. They teach in a collaborative model and motivate the students to think, not memorize. They believe in and love the kids, the Daylight Model, and the idea that every child can succeed.

In addition, the top individual student in our West Pokot county is Daylight’s own Leah Chepkemoi.


23755562_1328986507205502_4291401531128263119_nLeah Chepkemoi being celebrated at Daylight at top girl in the county!

When Leah grows up she wants to be a lawyer.  “I want to help people equally. Rich and poor. Today there are corrupt lawyers that don’t help people equally. They want a lot of money so poor people can’t afford a lawyer.”

These results are truly amazing, and I tell you this so that all who support Daylight can recognize what an amazing place it is.

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Dr. Lenny Snellman
Daylight Board Member

12183906_10205993919940896_6722132574920735955_oDr. Lenny Snellman giving children check-ups at Daylight village School in Alale.


Pledge your support for Grace and Daylight students in 2018

Pledge your support for Grace and Daylight students in 2018

Unlike many American kids, Grace never expected to go to school.

Grace grew up expecting to live her life in the desert village of Alale, but when her parents died, she was sent to live with her uncle who was arranging a marriage for her at a young age.


Call it divine intervention, or just a twist of fate, but Grace’s marriage plans were interrupted. Grace got a serious ear infection and was brought to recover at Daylight, where she fell in love with education. Between doctor visits Grace sat in 1st grade even though she was much older than most of the students in the class. This did not deter her.

Your gifts to Daylight made it possible for us to meet Grace’s needs; care, shelter, food and a quality education.

Grace is now in 4th grade, and her friends at Daylight cheer her on. Grace is excited to make a better life for her family still living in the desert.

I want to help the people in my village. I want to build a small clinic to see people and help them for free. I will also be a farmer so I can pay my bills.

Will you support Grace and her 400 classmates as they grow to be bright leaders in Kenya?

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An Unexpected Thank You Gift After Our Free Clinic in the Village

Deb Schultz recently returned from Daylight Alale Campus school where a team ran a free clinic to see students and families.  This is a story from her trip.

I had a wonderful young man help as my interpreter in the village of Alale, assisting me and the medical team during the days of clinic work. He enjoyed asking all sorts of questions about America.
I marvel at how he and our other helpers so easily switch between English, Swahili, and Pokot. His dream is to continue his education and someday work as a teacher.

As we were leaving to return to Daylight’s main campus at Kapenguria he brought me a gift of a live chicken in thanks for our visit, and for the small stipend we paid our helpers.

I was very surprised, amazed, and so grateful.

Unfortunately, we were about to start the long journey back to Daylight School and so I asked if he would bless me even more with his gift by giving it to a family in the village in need of food.

He agreed and it was Sunday so my chicken was brought to the church as my offering that day. The pastor assured me he would give it to someone he knew could use it. What a great memory and what a marvelous gift from my new friend, Joseph.

Deb Schultz
First Presbyterian of Stillwater Medical Team


Daylight is Accepting Applications for U.S. Board Members!

The U.S. Board of Daylight School and Center in Kenya is seeking new board members!

All skills and backgrounds are encouraged to apply! We are especially looking for board members with a background in accounting, lawyers with a background in non-profit law, teaching/education background, fundraising and grant writing experience, and people from Kenya and/or Africa.


We always appreciate when board members have been to Daylight Kenya or had a significant experience with Kenyan or other African cultures.IMG_3081We are accepting applications immediately and will be reviewing them on a continual basis through the month of November. A limited number of vacancies are available. Applicants will be notified of the status of their application by November 30, 2017.

Newly selected Board Members will begin serving as early as January, 2018. Board Members commit to the following:

Strategic Planning
1. Support Daylight Kenya though resourcing strategic and sustainable plans that ensure our supporters’ resources are being invested effectively.
2. Continue to grow in your understanding of Kenyan culture, international development, and non-profit best practices.

Board Participation
1. A two-year commitment to actively participate in 75% of monthly two-hour board meetings, which are held on the first Monday of each month, and a yearly one-day board retreat.

2. Board members should expect a time commitment of 4-6 hours each month.

1. Inviting people in your network to learn more about how they can support Daylight.
2. Helping secure adequate financial resources for Daylight to fulfill our mission.

Click here to apply online

Thank you for your willingness to serve the children, staff, and supporters in this important role!