Grace is the First Person in her Family to Go to School!

Grace is in 4th grade, but outside of class you will find her hanging out with the older students. That’s because Grace started school much later than most of the Daylight students.

7 - grace

She grew up expecting to live her life in the desert village of Alale but when her parents died, she was sent to live with her uncle who was arranging a marriage for her. Plans for her marriage were interrupted when she got a serious ear infection. Grace was brought to live at Daylight. While she was recovering Grace fell in love with school. Between doctor visits she sat in 1st grade even though she was much older than the other 1st graders.

This didn’t deter her and Grace is now in 4th Grade and her friends at Daylight, mostly in the upper grades, cheer her on.

7 - Grace and Crew

Grace is excited to make a better life for her family still living in the desert. “I want to help the people in my village. I want to build a small clinic to see people and help them for free. I will also be a farmer so I can pay my bills.” She knows that she won’t make much money at a free clinic, but she really likes counting money in math class. She smiles saying, “I also want to marry a banker so I can count money whenever I like.”


Martha is Braiding Hair and Studying to be a Doctor

Martha Cherop wants to be a doctor. She is a top student in her 8th grade science class, and her passion is learning about diseases. This passion comes from growing up in the desert village of Alale, where doctors are few and there are no hospitals.

“I want learn about diseases like cholera. Because recently, I was so sad to hear that my uncle died of cholera. My father told me it was because he couldn’t get to a doctor in time. I want to be a doctor so I can heal patients of things like cholera.” She smiles before adding, “My mom says I will heal many people.”

MarthaMagdelena, Martha, and Eunice

Martha is currently living in the dormitory where she studies hard with her science books. But after her homework is done, she is also a very sought-after hair stylist. Her friends Magdelena and Eunice show off their braids by Martha.

“Martha will probably be a doctor and a hair stylist,” Magdelena says smiling.

On behalf of Martha’s family and friends, thank you for supporting Martha and all the Daylight students. You are empowering them to make their dreams come true!


Daylight K – 2nd Grade Classrooms Under Construction!

Each year our amazing partners from Rochester, MN work alongside Daylight Kenyan staff to raise the funds and build a new building at Daylight.  This year we are building 3 new classrooms for our Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Graders! DSC_2482The original classroom were made of timbers and sheet metal.  But as this metal classroom aged the children needed a permanent classroom.20170102_160736_resized_1It takes a lot of raw materials to build a classroom. The builders salvaged the materials they could from the old structure (pile on the right). Then the community held a fundraiser and the families of the students, neighbors, and community leaders donated bricks to help!

Then the old structure was torn down and the children had class in another building.20170102_160834_resized_1A deep trench was hand dug for the foundation of the walls. That’s Angelia Kimpur supervising the work!The buildings in the back our the 3 – 8th Grade Classrooms – that’s what this new building will look like when its completed! 20170116_141555_resized_1Then the cement is mixed and each brick is hand laid – one on top of the next. The walls are half way up already and you can see the beginnings of the windows!  The Rochester Team will be coming in March to join the workers!  The Rochester team will also hold a free community clinic, build desks and tables, and roof the building!  It is a fun week where the Kenyan builders and the Rochester team connect as friends.

Thank you for your support of Daylight. Your partnership makes this classroom possible!