2020 Classes with President Maurine

Maurine is Daylight’s class president of 2020 and she is excited for a great year of school. She is in 8th grade and is our top student in the exams and her classes.

Daylight Class President Maurine

Maurine is excited to encourage her fellow students to work hard and excel in their studies. She is from a family that really values education. Her mother is a primary school teacher, and her father used to be a runner in competitions around the world. He is now a vegetable and fruit farmer.

Maurine wants to be a surgeon when she grows up. She wants to help women in childbirth, because many people cannot get to a hospital. So she wants to go to the villages and homes to help them.

First School Assembly of 2020

The sun was shining on the new 2020 class of Daylight during the first school Assembly in the ball field. Our students sang, danced, heard encouraging speeches from their teachers and headmaster, and then headed to class.

Pre-School classroom

Our pre-school students and teachers are excited to begin learning their ABC’s. They moved across the campus to their permanent brick classroom. It’s still needs to be painted, but they are excited to have their section of the campus with a play area outside.

After the festivities it was back to class and our teachers and students got to work on their lessons. Thank you for helping make this school possible. Your support gives our students like Maurine the chance to fulfill their dreams of building a strong future for their community.

A special thank you to the Autumn Ridge Team and local builders for building the pre-school classroom and to Mike and Pat Roberts for making a generous contribution towards construction materials.

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