Letters to Daylight and Garage Sale Fundraiser

Dear Friends,

Our students at Daylight School love getting letters from their friends in the U.S. Especially now when school is not in session and we are more distanced than ever, getting your letters make them feel closer, and also gives students a chance to practice their reading! Thank you to our Grade Level Partners who have sent letters recently. 

Since we are unable to bring the letters to Daylight now, we have found a way to send them electronically to our Daylight staff who print the letters out at the school. 

Dressed up for a nice dinner!

These letters are a welcome treat during this challenging time! The staff invited the kids to dress up and made a nice dinner, then the staff read the letters. The student later read the letters in their classroom as well!

Are you looking for a way to make a direct and sustained connection to the classrooms at Daylight? 

Donate to the Daylight Classroom Fund and sponsor a smile!!  Your monthly contribution of $30 covers the costs of one student’s classroom experience and education. Your dollars will provide one student’s educational supplies, books, school uniforms, breakfast, and lunch all month.

When giving monthly, you may also choose to establish a deeper relationship with the students through regular communication with a specific classroom. You may partner with a specific grade level of your choice (4th, 5th, 6th,or 7th). Grade Level Partners receive three class updates a year and letters from students in the class, whereby you will learn about some of the Daylight students’ hopes and dreams.  In return, Grade Level Partners are encouraged to write letters to the class, providing your personal encouragement and moral support to the students. You will have the option of continuing the partnership with students in the grade level you choose as they move to their next grade level and on until graduation. Click the link below for more information!


Thank you to our friends Peter and Gina for holding a Garage Sale Fundraiser last week! The sale raised $1,070 in just one day! It was “pay what you want” and all proceeds went to Daylight! If you want to host a garage sale to benefit Daylight School please email us at info@daylightcenter.org

We have some items to sell and you can add your own items to the sale! It’s easy because you don’t have to price everything!

Thanks Gina, Lisa, Peter and Merv (Board Chair) for all your hard work!
US Director Nathan Roberts helping out at the Garage Sale!

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1 Minute Update: Register for our Virtual Gala – Your FREE eBook is waiting!

Dear Friends,

When you register online for the 2020 Daylight Virtual Gala we will send you a FREE Digital copy of the book Poor Millionaires: The Village Boy Who Walked to the Western World and the American Boy Who Followed Him Home by Daylight Center and School directors Nathan Roberts and Michael Kimpur.


Join us on Facebook, our website daylightcenter.org or our YouTube channel at 5:00 PM CST on Sunday, September 27, 2020.


Save The Date: Daylight Virtual Gala on September 27, 2020

Save the date, September 27, 2020 for our first-ever virtual Gala!

Gather with your friends online to hear from Daylight’s leaders and students and celebrate far we’ve come from serving a handful of children from a remote village in the West Pokot region of Kenya to now providing nationally recognized education, clothing, healthcare and meals for more than 350 children from diverse families and backgrounds!

Join us on Facebook, our website daylightcenter.org or our YouTube channel at 5:00 PM CST on Sunday, September 27, 2020. Click here to register your attendance.

You will hear from some of our amazing staff at Daylight School in Kenya, from some of our donors about why Daylight is important to them, and from students like Jonas who is one of our 8th graders.

Jonas lives with his parents, four sisters and two brothers. He enjoys when they hold debates in class, enjoys playing football and cooperating with his classmates. He says “I would like to be a surgeon because I want to help fellow Kenyans be in good condition and I know God will hear my prayers.” He would like to share with his friends in America that “habari yako” means “how are you” in Swahili. He is currently studying with his other 8th grade classmates for the National Exams needed to attend High School. Thank you for your support of the students at Daylight!


Our School Watchman is Now the Thermometer Man!

The Daylight School Watchman Paul Longarkit has been a faithful member of the Daylight staff for many years. Paul is in charge of keeping all the children and staff safe throughout the week.

Paul is there in the morning to greet the staff and students when they arrive to school. He will check in parents when they come to visit their children throughout the day.

Paul lets in the delivery teams when they come to drop off food, lumber, and building materials.

But due to the COVID pandemic, Paul has an added responsibility. He will be taking the temperatures and encouraging mask wearing for the students, staff, and guests entering Daylight School.

Due to COVID, many of our students will remain on campus during the August school break. The 8th graders will continue to study for their national exams, and the rest of the students will enjoy clubs like choir, debate, futbol, farming, and sewing.

So Paul will be taking the temperatures and encouraging the masking of students like Joshua Kimpur who are living at Daylight.

Community Leaders and Daylight Board members like Dan Chumba who stop by for meetings.

Daylight Matron Angelina Kimpur gets her temperature taken when she comes back from shopping.

Thanks to our many supporters we were able to provide masks, thermometers, and ensure safety standards at Daylight.

We are doing this to protect our students in the COVID pandemic. Students like 8th grader Sharlene who is living on campus as she studies for her 8th grade national exam.

Sharlene, 8th Grade at Daylight School.

Sharlene’s family lives many miles into the desert in a small village. So as she studies, she lives in the Daylight Dormitories. Sharlene is working hard to make her Mom, Dad, and two brother’s proud. “I love my parents with all my heart, soul, and my mind.” she says.

Her favorite classes are English and Social Studies. Sharlene also loves participating in the Daylight Debate Team after school.

When Sharlene grows up she wants to be a lawyer. “I love defending others when they are in trouble, I don’t like anyone to suffer. This is why I would like to be a Lawyer.”

Thank you for helping keep our students and staff safe during COVID. And thank you for helping make Sharlene’s dream of being a lawyer come true!