Daylight Christmas Gift Ideas

It is now December and Christmas is fast approaching. Have you finished your Christmas shopping? Whether you are still looking for stocking stuffers or something to place under the tree, please consider giving your loved ones a Daylight Honor Gift for Christmas.

How to make an Honor Gift:

1. Donate to Daylight (no matter the amount!).

2. Give or send your giftee(s) a Daylight honor gift card. Here are a few options for how to do that:

  • Print as many Daylight honor gift cards as you like directly from the internet.
  • Email* us at with your mailing address and how many honor gift cards you would like us to send to you.
  • Email* us at with a short list of people and addresses you would like us to send an honor gift card to on your behalf.

Gifts-in-Kind for Daylight Teachers

Daylight teachers and staff in Kenya would like cell phones with replaceable SIM cards and iPods.

Do you have an old cellphone or iPod you are no longer using? We will fill the ipods with podcasts about education to help further our teacher’s education!

Mail them to board member, Joyce Schwartz, who will be leaving for Kenya December 30th: 7136 Sunshine Drive, Eden Prairie, MN 55346.

Thank you!


*Email us soon in order have the cards mailed before Christmas!

**Please note that cell phones must have a replaceable SIM card in order to work in Kenya. If you are unsure, please ask your cell phone provider if the phone you want to donate has a replaceable SIM card.

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