A Day of Games, Crafts, and Smiles

When I visited Daylight School three years ago, it was renting space in a church for the kids’ classrooms. Since then, advisers in Kenya and the U.S. board have been making plans, raising money, constructing buildings and buying land. The opportunity to visit Daylight last month and see all the progress and changes was a wonderful experience. I kept marveling at the the beautiful setting in which the kids would be growing, learning and playing. I love that there is plenty of room for games, gardens, crops, cows, buildings and more.

During our time at the school, we met James, the wonderful headmaster who cares greatly for the children, and all the teachers–some have been with Daylight for several years. We shared about life in Minnesota, served porridge, planted trees and taught kids the game “four-square.” In return, the kids shared their smiles and laughter, held my hand, sat on my lap, sang songs and reminded me how much God is alive and active in Daylight. We also taught the Bible story about Jesus, the Good Shepherd, and completed an art project featuring sheep.

I relished seeing Michael’s family again and met his youngest son, Joshua for the first time. My time there was deeply rewarding. I am so thankful for Michael and Nathan’s vision for Daylight, for all our supporters, and that we are all on this journey together.

Joyce Schwartz
Daylight Board Chair


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