An Unexpected Thank You Gift After Our Free Clinic in the Village

Deb Schultz recently returned from Daylight Alale Campus school where a team ran a free clinic to see students and families.  This is a story from her trip.

I had a wonderful young man help as my interpreter in the village of Alale, assisting me and the medical team during the days of clinic work. He enjoyed asking all sorts of questions about America.
I marvel at how he and our other helpers so easily switch between English, Swahili, and Pokot. His dream is to continue his education and someday work as a teacher.

As we were leaving to return to Daylight’s main campus at Kapenguria he brought me a gift of a live chicken in thanks for our visit, and for the small stipend we paid our helpers.

I was very surprised, amazed, and so grateful.

Unfortunately, we were about to start the long journey back to Daylight School and so I asked if he would bless me even more with his gift by giving it to a family in the village in need of food.

He agreed and it was Sunday so my chicken was brought to the church as my offering that day. The pastor assured me he would give it to someone he knew could use it. What a great memory and what a marvelous gift from my new friend, Joseph.

Deb Schultz
First Presbyterian of Stillwater Medical Team

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