At 21, Daylight Graduate Nicholas is the First in His Family to Attend High School

At 21 years old, Nicholas is starting his sophomore year of high school.

Nicholas got a late start on school because he is from a very remote village and was at home helping his family on the farm. But, in 2010, Nicholas lost his vision due to an eye infection. “I lost my sight, and I was given medicine that helped me feel better and then I could see again.” This gave him a passion for becoming a surgeon. Nicholas left the farm and came to Daylight School. Nicholas worked hard to catch up in his studies and enrolled in Ortum Boy’s High School in West Pokot near Daylight.

Nicholas is the oldest son of Daylight’s longtime Outreach Coordinator Peter Losengoria. “I am so happy for my son, because I did not get to go to high school. But now I work at Daylight school.” He smiled, looking proudly at his son. “I want him to be a great surgeon.”

1 Nicholas Kayaa 2Nicholas and his father Peter 

Nicholas is one of seven kids in his family, including a new baby. It is a struggle for their family to pay for Nicholas’ high school fees. And because Nicholas is the first person in his family to go to high school, they are extraordinarily proud of him.

1 Nicholas KayaaNicholas, Mama Keyaa, and the new baby

Daylight provides scholarships for Nicholas and all the graduating 8th graders. Then we work together with the high schools to secure funding throughout their education.

But this year Nicholas needed extra support after some of the students in his high school were caught cheating on their exams. After the principal put a stop to it, some students got unruly and destroyed school property. This resulted in all of the students being sent home mid-term. When classes resumed, Nicholas and his classmates were forced to pay extra fees to rejoin school.

But Daylight stepped in and provided the funds to help Nicholas re-enter school.

We did this because we are committed to helping Nicholas and all our students reach their goals.

In response to this support, Nicholas wanted to write a thank you letter to Daylight partners who donate financially to make his education possible.

1 Nicholas Kaaya Letter

Your contributions fund Nicholas and so many other students’ educations. And, as it is the start of a new term, we will be making another round of school fee payments this September.

Please consider making a special donation this month to help us fund these students’ high school education.


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