Board Chair and Friends Visit Daylight

Board Chair Joyce Schwartz met Michael at church in Minneapolis and they became fast friends. Joyce is among the most warm and courageous people I know. She visited Michael in 2009 when Daylight had just 30 kids at a Baptist Church. She ventured out to the nomadic regions one month after I first visited them. It was a big surprise for the nomads to have another mzungu* so soon! Now she is bringing her son Pierson (13), George Knuteson (let’s just say he gets the senior discount), and his granddaughter Megan (20) to visit the children and staff at Daylight. They will be helping teach English, making friends, drinking tea, and giving out lots of hugs! Look forward to updates from them on their trip and remember them in your prayers.

Nathan Roberts
Daylight US Director

*Mzungu is the swahili word for a white person.

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