Boy Saved then Adopted by Daylight Staff

Note: This update contains some disturbing content.

Daylight strives to maintain the highest integrity in the stories we share. And we try to portray students and staff in the best possible light. The story of Moses and Dan is difficult to hear but Moses’ father Daylight Staff Dan Chumba wanted to share his son Moses’ story as a way of saying thank you for supporting Moses’ education. And we feel that it is a great testament to the passion and commitment of Dan for the children in his community.

Daylight Student Moses, Moses’ Grandmother, Daylight Staff Dan and his wife Cecilia Chumba

Six years ago a baby boy was born in a hut near Daylight.  The mother was mentally unwell and the night after giving birth she took the baby outside and dropped him into the family’s outdoor toilet pit.

Then she took off and was never seen again. The next day at noon, someone walking past the pit heard the baby crying.

They called their neighbor Dan to climb down and get the baby out of the pit. Dan then took this baby to a local hospital where the baby spent the next two months recovering from infections.

They named the baby Moses, a fitting name for a lost baby that was saved.

Dan Chumba telling the story of finding the boy in the pit which is now covered up

When Moses was released from the hospital he went to stay with his Grandmother, but she was unable to feed and care for him. So Dan and Cecilia stepped in and adopted Moses and brought him to school at Daylight.

Moses is a beloved Daylight student and he is growing up and getting a passion for serving in his community, just like his father Dan. We are so proud of Dan for his selfless actions towards Moses and we know that Moses will continue Dan’s legacy heroic service to his neighbors.

Dan, Cecilia, Moses, his grandmother thank you for supporting Daylight.

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