Building Dedication and Celebration

From Daylight board member, Brianna:

Saturday was the final day for the construction project (the medical clinic wrapped up on Friday so we could be sure and get everything done). Desks and tables were varnished, see-saws for the kids were built, and clean up ensued. Everyone was in a hurry, because on Saturday afternoon we would have the large celebration/ceremony for the completion of the new dorm.

At 2:00, the celebration began with prayer and dedication of the new building, in the new building. Everyone shared their thankfulness for the project, and several songs were shared. We then moved out of the building (as the rain stopped) to join the larger group there to celebrate, who were gathered on the Daylight grounds. Every bench, chair, sofa, and available surface for sitting was utilized. I would guess there was around 300 people there.

To read more about the dormitory projects and latest adventures at Daylight, read Brianna’s blog!

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