New Swing Set, Volleyball and Handball Courts at Daylight!

Daylight has a new swing set, volleyball and handball court! And as you can see, they are drawing big crowds of excited students.
Before school, during morning snack, recess and after school the swings are full of smiling students. On the first day, students lined up at the swing set and counted “1, 2, 3!” making sure each new student got 3 swings to “try it out.”  By the end of the week, students were counting out 20 swings and really getting some nice air!swings1The new play equipment was constructed in July by a joint effort from our Minneapolis team, Kenyan builders, and the staff at Daylight.  The pipes were bought by John, Peter, Mike, and Kurt from a local hardware store in Kapenguria, Kenya. swing
Then back to Daylight, where the pipes were assembled with the help of Daylight US Board Member Travis Collins and a Kenyan Volunteer Boni.
swing 6
Daylight Pastor John and Kurt worked together to dig the posts and hand mix the cement.
swing 4
Of course the builders had to “test” the swings.
swing 7
Then the volleyball court was finished and the net was hung. swing 9
And soon the boys had two very tall and very talented 8th grade girls to contend with at the nets!
swing 8Finally, the handball court was completed. Kurt watched as the keeper got distracted by the camera and missed the incoming goal.swings 3
Grace and her teacher Jonathan were super excited about all the new equipment! Grace said, “I love volleyball with my teachers and my girl friends. It’s especially fun with all the new equipment!”swing 10Thank you to our Minneapolis team, our Kenyan builders and volunteers, and to you for making Daylight school possible!

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