College Kids Working to bring Power to Pokot

The Pokot people live without electricity, cars, or running water. And this causes some big challenges. Many Pokot sell a cow to buy a cell phone so they can call the police or nearest hospital when some is ill or they have been attacked by a neighboring tribe. But batteries only last so long, and with no where to recharge, many people die in their huts when a little power could have saved their lives.

Well, a few college students are trying to solve this problem. David Smith grew up attending Daylight’s partner church, Lynnhurst Congregationalist. He is now a college student attending Iowa State University enrolled in a sophomore design class for mechanical engineers. The purpose of the course is to design a device that will improve the quality of life of people in a third world country.

David’s team chose the Pokot people of Kenya as their focus and are using Daylight as a primary resource. They are hoping to design a small power-generating device that will bring cheap and reliable electricity to the nomadic people.

Thanks for your exciting work!

Nathan Roberts
Daylight US Director

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