Community Donates Bricks for New Classrooms

In September, the teachers at Daylight decided to build three brick classrooms. It was time. For the last three years Kindergarten through 2nd Grade had been holding classes in Corrugated Tin classrooms without proper windows or walls. The teachers decided it was time to upgrade. But unfortunately Daylight didn’t have the resources to build new brick walls.

So the Daylight staff send out a call to the community asking for bricks to be donated by the people of Kapenguria, Kenya. Like fundraisers here in America, the Daylight students asked their parents to donated a few bricks. After classes the Daylight teachers fanned out across town asking for donations of bricks to help build new classrooms.

And the community responded with overwhelming support! Bricks began poured in from every corner of the community. Local businesses, student’s parents, and Daylight neighbors. Brick by brick Daylight’s builders piled them up.

Then it was time to build. Brick by brick the walls went up. Michael Kimpur left Daylight Kenya to come to America in Oct 2 and the walls were only knee high.

But the Kindergartners were already EXCITED for their new classroom!

Three weeks later, when Michael returned from 30 hours of traveling. He was exhausted. But he couldn’t help but smile and take a picture as he looked up at the walls of the classroom. The community had come together and rallied around these kids.

There is still work to be done. But it is inspiring to see what a community can accomplish when we work together to build something. Brick by brick.
Nathan Roberts and Michael Kimpur
Daylight US Director
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