Daisy and her 8th Grade Class are Prepping for National Exam

Daisy is a brilliant 8th grader at Daylight. When Daisy grows up she wants to be a journalist because she wants “to spread news to the country!” During her free time she likes to play basketball. But she spends most of her weekdays with her 8th grade classmates studying hard for the 8th grade National Exam.

During the pandemic most of Daylight School’s classes are suspended. This helps prevent students who don’t live on campus from falling behind academically.

So our younger students spend their days learning about farming in the Daylight farm.

Our field is busy with kids playing a games, basketball, jump rope, and swinging.

But our 8th graders still spend more of their day in their classrooms, as they continue to prepare for the National Exams.

The National Exams in Kenya are very important. They are educational exams that test core competencies in Math, Science, Reading, and English. These National Exams will happen, but due to COVID-19 interrupting the school year, we are not sure when.

Students’ test scores qualify them for high school scholarships and determine what caliber of high school they will attend!

It also determines Daylight School’s district ranking. We are currently the only top performing school in West Pokot County that accepts so many students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our students and staff are very proud of this!

Please send some love, encouragement, and prayers to Daisy and the 8th graders who are preparing for the National Exam. And thank you for your support which makes Daisey’s dreams of becoming a journalist possible.

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