Daylight has Power and New Calf!

Last year the children of Edina Morningside church collected funds during Lent for 2 Daylight cows. Now, 1 year later (Monday, April 1st), one of the cows had a bouncing baby boy!

My youngest son Joshua has really found a friend in this calf. He follows it around everywhere. And everyone here is also excited. This is truly a great Easter gift, so thank you, Edina Morningside! For a gift that keeps giving!

Secondly, we have POWER! Yes, finally, the Kenya Power Company has finally dropped electricity lines at Daylight. We paid for it in September, but that’s how it is here. Things in Kenya move slowly. We are excited to have light!

Thanks for your prayer and we are excited as ever here.

Michael Kimpur
Kenya Director
Daylight Center and School

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