Daylight has Sprung Forward

It’s Daylight Saving Time! As you ‘spring forward’ your low-tech microwave and wall clock one hour, please take a moment to think on Daylight School in Kenya. It is with your partnership that Daylight too has sprung forward!

Here is a message from 16-year-old Chelimo (daughter of Daylight Kenya Director, Michael Kimpur). Note, Daylight Kenya recently added “Model” to its name to reflect its aim of serving as a model to the community.

– – – – –

Daylight Model School. And what a model school as the name states! There is an English saying that goes, “A child who has never eaten food outside the mother’s house describes the mother as the best cook.” I therefore take Daylight as a very tremendous and valuable community! Bringing valuable benefits to children and the society at large. Introducing them to many opportunities they would otherwise not have tasted. Let me take this golden opportunity to thank all the supporters of this wonderful institution!

Congratulations for bringing the school this far and in hope we shall be even greater than this! Daylight is a school that has revealed what the society is, and above all it has accommodated children of all races, for instance the Pokot, Turkana, Nandi, Kikuyu to mention a few! The school has brought up rounded students i.e. physically capable, socially balanced and spiritually nourished to serve God to the best of their abilities!

I also want to thank my dad for he has worked tirelessly to bring up this school to the best of his ability and he is always there to lend help to society’s kids at large. For l believe with his selfless heart we shall be able to lift Daylight to greater heights!

In a nutshell, there is a great improvement in Daylight and with cooperation, trust me the sky is no longer the limit! With God’s help, we can go higher.

To the Daylight over there, keep up the spirit! God bless you all.

Chelimo Kimpur
Daylight Model School, Kenya

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