Daylight HIGH SCHOOL is Under Construction

In March, the team from Autumn Ridge and New Hope Churches alongside Head Builder Gideon (red shirt) and his builders roofed the new Girls Dormitory!  The new dormitory is going to house our HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS! Can you believe it?  Daylight’s original Kindergarten class is preparing to start High School in January 2016. These students have been with us since Daylight was 30 kids in a Sunday School classroom in Kapenguria Baptist Church. This is Daylight US Director sitting at an outdoor lesson with that first class.

Well these girls are now young women and they need their own dorm.* And now the work is continuing under Gideon and his team. The next phase of construction is that every inch of brick needs to be covered with cement. This is hard and meticulous work. 

 Michael snapped this photo on his cell phone of Gideon cementing the walls!

Daylight 8th Grade girls and Pastor John are really excited for the new dorm to be completed and want to say a big Asanti Sana, Thank you to all of you for helping make their Daylight High School possible.

Nathan Roberts
Daylight US

*As there are only a few boys in that first class and they will be going to a boys high schools in town as Kenyan high schools with dormitories are not co-ed.  There are several boys high school near Daylight but there are very few girls high schools.

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