Daylight relies on Young Volunteer Teachers

Some of you may be aware of a U.S. program called ‘Teach for America’ where college grads get teaching experience and education credits working at schools in economically struggling communities.

Well Daylight does something similar in Kenya. Teachers coming out of teacher colleges (2 year technical colleges for teaching) often wait 2-5 years for a job to open up in Kenya’s government schools where an average teacher salary is around $1000-$1500 US dollars. A very good wage in Kenya!

Michael recruits unemployed teachers in the community to volunteer at Daylight, many of whom have returned home to live with their parents (just like many unemployed college grads in the U.S.). As a token of gratitude, Daylight pays them a stipend (a fraction of what they would earn as a government employed teacher).

Unfortunately, we can’t pay them what they deserve because of Daylight’s financial constraints. But we thank them for their service, remember them in our prayers, and Michael mentors them to be Christian role models in the community. And Michael writes them an AWESOME reference when they go in for their next interview.

Thank you for supporting these young teachers. Meet them all on our updated ‘Meet the Staff‘ page.

Nathan Roberts
U.S. Director

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