Daylight School in the time of COVID-19

The safety and well being of our students and staff Daylight School continue to be our highest priority. Those on campus continue to practice social distancing, just like all of their supporters in America. School is not in session and students that live off-campus continue to shelter at home with their families.

Those students who board at Daylight and the few staff that remain on campus are doing their best to stay well by keeping a safe distance when possible and always making sure to wash their hands.

Students washing hands with safe social distancing

They are currently using the sewing room to make masks for kids and neighbors. They are so thankful to have fabric and sewing machines to make these much needed masks for the community.

Sewing masks for students and community members
Students and staff wearing their new masks to stay safe

They have also been using this time to sew new track suits for the students! They are all very excited to be able to use them when it is safe to be together again.  The national track meets were cancelled this year but the students on campus still enjoy training in their new suits.

New Daylight School Track Suits
Grace, Sunday, Pembe, Reuben and friends on the Daylight Track Team

Daylight continues to follow the recommendations of the Kenya government to stay safe during this coronavirus outbreak. They are keeping all of their American friends in their prayers.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Daylight School as we meet the needs of our students during this difficult time.

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