Daylight School Painting Project

Dear Friends,

Thanks to your support and generosity during our Fall Pledge Drive and Virtual Gala, we have raised over $8000.00, which was matched by our board of directors!  Our Daylight staff in Kenya will use part of the donations to give the school a much needed coat of fresh paint so when school resumes in the new year (with added safety precautions) the students can look forward to a fresh start! 

Just like our homes and schools here in the U.S., Daylight School needs upkeep and maintenance, in the dormitory, the classrooms and the exterior, as you see in the pictures below.  

Susan, our school matron in charge of the girls dormitory shows one of the rooms that will be repainted. 
Waynan, who is in the 7th grade, studies in one of the classrooms that will be painted before classes start again.
Brian, grade 8, outside of the classrooms where the staff will repaint the colorful buildings.

If you have not watched our Gala Video, you can view it on our website here, on our YouTube Channel here or on our Facebook account here You will hear from one of our parents, Rosemary, as she explains how those at Daylight School use your dollars to buy seeds to grow corn and material to make clothes for the students. She explains how every dollar we send to the school is doubled! And now your donation will be tripled with the donation match! 

Thanks to all our supporters over the past twelve years for making the dream of an education a reality for so many amazing students and future leaders! Please continue to keep the students and staff in your thoughts and prayers. 

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