Daylight School Was Ranked 2nd in the Entire District!

Each year the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders in all of Kenya take national exams. Our students have been working hard all year to prepare. The results of the tests determine  whether a student is prepared to enter high school, qualifies students for scholarships, and all the schools in the country get an official ranking based on their student’s 8th grade scores.

Of the hundreds of schools in rural West Pokot County school district, Daylight School’s 8th graders were ranked 2nd overall!When we started Daylight Center and School ten years ago, our students came to us because we were the only school in the region that would take in students from difficult family backgrounds and those that had no way to pay for their education. Daylight School is one of hundreds of elementary schools in rural West Pokot County. Most of these schools require families to pay for their children to attend.

Now after ten years of providing quality education and loving support to our students, they still come from the same backgrounds, but they add something else to their story of coming to Daylight. Alicen (6th grade) put it well, “I came to Daylight because we are one of the best schools in Kenya, with the best test scores, and the nicest teachers.”

We are so proud of our amazing, brilliant, and kind students, teachers, support staff, and our international partners for supporting our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders! Thank you!

These test scores ensured that our now 9th grade students were all able to get into good high schools and qualify for scholarships.

Daylight allows children from disadvantaged backgrounds to attend for free. Other students families pay what they can afford to help support our school. We are so grateful for the staff who believe in the mission and our international partners like you who support our school.

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