Daylight Student Update: Meet Phelgona

Phelgona is a well known student because of her big smile. Every morning she bounces into the Pre-School class smiling and ready for another day of classes. 

Phelgona walks to school everyday. She enjoys being able to go home each night, because her family lives right next door to Daylight. Her family brought her to Daylight because Phelgona has Down’s Syndrome and in rural Kenya it can be very difficult to find schools that will accept children with special needs.  But when Phelgona’s parents asked Daylight Manager Terry if she could join classes with the rest of the Daylight kids, Terry smiled and welcomed Phelgona with open arms.

Daylight Manager and Phelgona

Phelgona like playing with her brothers, she especially likes wrestling. Terry smiles as she says, “She is really strong from wrestling with her older brothers, so the other kids her age don’t dare challenge her to a match!”

In class Phelgona likes to contribute. “She likes to learn and she raises her hand even when she doesn’t know the answer.”

Many special needs children in rural Kenya don’t have an opportunity to go to school so we thank you for making Phelgona’s education possible!

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