Daylight Students Clean up Trash in the Community

Kenya is making a national push to keep their beautiful country green and free of trash.

Daylight is on a beautiful green 12 acre hilltop campus with 300 students. We work hard to keep it clean and free of trash.Our cooking staff uses reusable cups and plates at meals. Plastic bottles are reused many times to prevent unnecessary waste. Then they are careful to put their trash in the garbage so that everyone can run and play safely. But there are many parts of the Daylight neighborhood, especially along the side of the road, where trash just gets tossed into the bushes.

So Daylight students and staff decided to clean up their community!

Daylight students are leaders and part of being a leader is serving your neighbors, so our students made signs for Daylight and dressed up in “recycling costumes” made of corn and rice bags from school.

Then our students and staff walked the neighborhood and cleaned up trash.Thank you for supporting our young leaders as they serve their beautiful, and a little greener, community!

We are also so grateful to our partner church Lake Sarah Baptist Church who had an Africa Themed Vacation Bible School this summer. The kids learned about the amazing cultures of Africa and raised funds to support the students at Daylight School!

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