Daylight Students stay healthy and safe!

Some classes are back in session, with more to come! Our students are very happy to be back in class and the staff has been working hard to make sure that Daylight School is following the guidelines set by the Kenyan government and health officials. This includes setting up extra hand washing stations throughout the school grounds so that the students and staff have easy access to them.

The staff has provided many new hand washing stations for the students to use.
Another hand washing station.

Daylight Kenya Director Michael Kimpur spoke to the students about staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic as classes start up again. He and other staff make sure students understand how important it is to keep their hands clean, wear their masks and socially distance as much as possible. Classrooms have changed to accommodate students sitting further apart from each other and outdoor classes will also be held so that students are not inside the buildings as much.

Director Michael Kimpur advising students of the importance of wearing masks and keeping social distance.

Thank you to Edina Morningside Community Church for their donation to pay for one of the new tents the school will need to set up it’s outdoor classrooms. We are still in need of one more tent and welcome any donations to fund that purchase. We will also be adding furniture and equipment to the office of the school head master to comply with the Ministry of Education.

Headmaster Paul Okiya working in his office.

Thanks to all our supporters for making the dream of an education a reality for so many amazing students and future leaders! Please continue to keep the students and staff in your thoughts and prayers. 

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