Daylight Teachers Believe in Good Handwriting

Pembe (left) and his friends go through A LOT of pencils. 13895412_10210315620637481_8545455974042635449_nPembe is a star student in his class. He works hard not just for himself but for his Mom and Dad who never got a chance to go to school. ┬áHe only has one foot, but he doesn’t let this slow him down. He plays soccer with his friends and studied his way to the top of his class!

Pembe wants to go to college and provide for his family and to be an inspiration to all kids with disabilities.

Daylight Teachers believe that all our kids will go far. This six grade handwriting class is just one example of their pursuit of student excellence.13939531_10210315621477502_516415064512826268_n

My name is Tabitha.
I am so determined to write legibly.
I will straighten my letter and make them stand free and independent.
I will smoothen them and make them beautiful; until they smile back at me.
Those who read my work will enjoy it. They will see how neat and organized I am.
They will also think I am beautiful.
So, let us write legibly for people to read our work with ease, and also think well of us.

Thank you for helping providing lessons and passionate teachers for our children.
Your gifts make this possible.

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