Daylight Village School Will Remain OPEN During Drought

Daylight School has two campuses. Daylight Kapenguria is the 300 student school on the green highlands. Daylight Alale is our village elementary school and adult literacy program in the desert.IMG_2854

It did not rain enough in May and June, and the overwhelming majority of crops in the villages died. This drought left thousands of families in this remote region without food.

The Kenyan Newspaper the Daily Nation reports:

Two primary schools, Kasses and Ombolion, have been closed due to lack of food and water and the families have moved to Uganda.

 “The prolonged drought has led to crop failure. Children walk more than 15 kilometres looking for water instead of being in class.”

As schools close and farms fail, families in the surrounding villages have come to Daylight Alale for food. And Daylight Alale has been able to help.

20140907_115649To help provide food and water for the students and families of Daylight Alale and to support the wider community, we have tripled our monthly budget for July and August.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Your passionate partnership is saving lives and allowing Daylight Alale to serve our students and community during this crisis.

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