Daylight Welcomes Children with Special Needs

In small towns in Kenya, children who suffer from disabilities are hidden. People are often ashamed that they have a disabled child and don’t allow the child leave the house for fear that they will be harrassed by neighbors or bullied by other kids. But Daylight has taken a strong position on God’s children with Special Needs.

Pembe is a boy with one foot. He lives at my house and he is so smart and talented. He grew up in the desert with few prospects for a life out there. But at Daylight, he has become a star student. He has learned Swahili, he can read and write, and now is even becoming a soccer star! This is a strong message to the community that children with disabilities should also be given an opportunity to learn and grow.

We also welcome children with learning disabilities to come and play with our kids, like a young man who is 18. He has mental issues because his head has too much fluid. But we allow him to sit in the first grade class and learn what he can. He is really enjoying it and his family is so proud of him.

Thank you for supporting this work and helping all children in our community!

Michael Kimpur
Daylight Center, Kenya

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